A little blog break...


My lovely readers,
I'm taking a little break from blogging. Tuesday evening I had a bicycle accident (maybe I should start wearing a helmet, like this little fella by Gemma Correll). Luckily no serious injuries but I'm stuck to bed to give my bruised body and head some rest.
I hope to be back next week!

ps. for my students: The lesson tonight is still on.


  1. oh no ! I hope you will get better soon with rest !
    take good care of yourself,
    Bon rétablissement !

  2. Oei! Beterschap Kim! En ja een helm is natuurlijk beter, maar ik vind het zelf altijd zo suf staan..alsof je niet kan fietsen ofzo :) (als iedereen het zou dragen zou het natuurlijk anders zijn..)

  3. Oei dat is schrikken, Beterschap!

  4. Oh, no!
    Stay in bed and get well soon.

    Yes, you should definitely start very a helmet.
    I was so surprised that nobody wore helmet in Holland even though it is such a big bicycle country.

    In Denmark, the helmet has had a renaissance the past years and so many people wear them. Especially in my city, but perhaps that is because we have so many hills (at least compared to Copenhagen).

    Go buy a helmet! There are actually some cool ones out there. ;-)

  5. Ach meiske toch.. Sterkte ermee!

  6. Beterschap, doe rustig aan!

  7. get better soon kim!
    and take good care of yourself!

  8. Oei... Beterschap en hoop dat je snel weer je bedje uit mag!

  9. Oei oei , heel veel betershap en laat je goed verzorgen !

  10. Yikes, niet fijn! Beterschap!

  11. Beterschap! Hopelijk gaat het al wel weer wat beter..


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