free friday - seedbed


One of my students, Mirjam, asked me to show how I make little dissolvable seedbeds. I make them out of newspaper, which when put in the ground, will recycle and dissolve. This way you don't have to disturb the little roots of your seedling, you can put it in the ground with pot and all!

1. Cut out half a page of newspaper (you'll have about an A4 size piece, maybe slightly larger).
2. Fold about 5 cm (2") of the long side.
3. Fold it into a tube and staple into place.
4. Turn the tube round and push the top part in a bit.
5. Now fold in the sides (like you do when wrapping a gift)
6. Fold over the top and staple in place (again, it's like wrapping a present).
7. Put in some soil and sow your seed! As they can be a bit wobbly, best to put them together in a little container (like a lunchbox). This also makes watering easier and less messy.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Great tip I must remember this so I can fold my own when the seeds I orderd arrive. So my plants will grow and my garden will turn into the rainforrest I imagine it to be. :-)

  2. Hoi Kim,

    Je raadt nooit wat ik vandaag at....


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