Slow comeback...


Ok, so I had a little concussion.
I'm slowly recovering and trying to get some work done every day (it isn't going at all at the speed I'd like it to go... gosh, I'm way too impatient to be ill). Being behind the computer still makes my head a bit dizzy so I'm restricted to a small dose every day...
And thanks to everyone for your lovely comments and 'be better soon wishes', it helps!

Today a DIY example of what you do to make a money gift more fun. You know how sometimes people ask for a 'little envelop' when having a birthday party or wedding? Well, this might not be the most exciting thing to give so better make it a fun little design project!

How is it done? Simple: cut around the paws of the bunny (or whatever image you've got) with a craft knife, slide the money between his paws and, tada! You're done!


  1. What a funny idea!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Good to hear that you are feeling better.
    Try to be patient with your recovery. :-)

  2. A very good and sweet idea indeed, and I hope you get better very soon! /maria x

  3. amazing idea kim!
    and take your time with the recovery :)


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