Sunday Market


This weekend we (M blends in perfectly with our color theme) were behind a stall at the Sunday Market in Amsterdam. I shared the stall with Dinah and Sarah from Lile Sadi (don't you love those bibs? I got myself the one on the right). The weather was so lovely (as you can see in the sunny pictures) and we had much fun! What I love most about selling on a market is the people you meet. It's great to actually see who your clients are and have a little chat.

The onesies were very popular but there are e few left (and baby leggings too) and I put them in the shop. You can find the in the baby wear section.

Because it was quite busy (worked my ass of last week, which normally is fine but when pregnant it's a bit of a different story, especially with very warm weather), I'm taking a break and might blog less than normally. Have a lovely summer!


  1. It looks great!
    Must have been an interesting market.
    Enjoy your time off and relax and take care of yourself.

  2. enjoy your break and summer!


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