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We've got a new free friday question! Patricia asks: I finished my shop and now it's time to let the world know about it... Do you have tips for a successful launch?

First I must say that I'm not a total expert on this, my own shop was not really 'launched' it just grew slowly. But hey, I'll give it a go!

You made a start by being featured in this free friday question post! And this is also the first tip: write to bloggers, or even better, send them a little present from your shop (they might talk about it on their blog). You can friendly ask them to tell you/ their readers how they like the product but don't be pushy!

There are some really good experts on this topic like mama marketing (in dutch) for example. You can find all sorts of good tips, tricks and advise on their website. Or join one of their (online) workshops!

Use social media for a special 'launch' offer. Announce your shop on twitter, facebook, your blog, website, etc. Offer a discount, extra pressie with an order or free shipping for the first 10 buyers, one week or one month. Make use of upcoming holidays/ special days too by offering a special gift wrap service or by assembling some great gifts 'under 25 euro' (or dollar).

Send a little gift package to magazines accompanied by an enthusiastic letter about your shop, why your products rock and what makes your shop special (or press release and pictures of your products by email).

Make regular (weekly, no too often, you do not want to spam) posts on divers social media in which you put one of your products in the spotlight. Make it fun and creative. Show how to use the product, how to combine, how it's made, the story behind it, etc.

If you really want to show off ;-)... Throw a shop launch party! Invite all your friends, friends from friends, business contacts etc with an appetizing invitation. Give a workshop (something that combines well or is a spin off of the things you sell in your shop) and maybe even hand out goodie bags or a funny gadget that people will remember your shop by. Display all your products 'live' and offer a discount on this special day only.

Hope this was helpful, good luck with your shop Patricia!

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  1. whaooo I love your layout of my jewellery, it looks so great ! :-)
    Thank you so much Kim ! Good advises I will follow And I'm excited about sending a little present from my shop to my favorites bloggers.
    Have a lovely Friday !


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