Interview on the 101 woonideeen blog

 photos by Riley Salyards

A while ago I was interviewed and photographed for a feature on the 101 woonideeen blog. They are doing a series on Etsy sellers and their homes, and it was my turn for the month of november.
The wonderful Riley Salyards came to our home and took pictures all morning while chatting away about our work, her amazingly creative son (I've seen some drawings of this, if I remember correctly, 6 year old... wow!) and living in The Netherlands. A wonderful morning with some nice photo's of me and the home as result.
Now, you can read all about my life and home at the 101 woonideeen blog (in dutch)!


  1. Ooooow dan ga ik die morgen meteen kopen!!!! Super leuk dat je in de 101 woonideeen staat. Vind ik echt een super leuk blad:) Gefeliciteerd!

  2. Het is niet in het blad maar op het blog... (Alhoewel het blad kopen natuurlijk altijd fijn is!) :-)


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