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Those of you who have been at flavourites last weekend might have seen that Monique van der Vlist (the art director of 101-Woonideeen magazine) was there with the fab paper studio (papier atelier) and her new blog, or actualy new platform:

Creativity, illustrations and handmade products are in the spotlights at the happy makers blog and Monique's first action was the fabulous paper studio (Papier Atelier) at Flavourites. It's quite obvious that this talented lady has some grounded experience with interior design and decoration cause it looked goooooood!

I was so busy with admiring and workshopping that I totally forgot to take pictures... so the photo's are by (Wimke, I hope you don't mind me featuring them. If you do, please let me know!)

Check out the for more info, beautiful pictures and great ideas!

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