A modest wishlist for the holidays

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As I'm getting older I notice I have less and less to wish for for the holidays and my birthday in January. (Except for functional stuff like printers and a laptop...). Maybe I'm just satisfied with my life or maybe so much of  my wishes were fulfilled over the years that there's not much left? Or, and this is most likely, I'm a bit done with owning things, it's just taking space and time.

But, I still do have a few small things on my list (ok and maybe a few more than just the 6 items above, but let's start with those):

1. the beautiful 'wants brooche' by Geertje Aalders
2. these fabulous leggings by Simkasol
3. 'Allemaal Mensen', book by Blexbolex
4. this cute handknitted cardigan for James by Sophie Orchera Knitware
5. a fine gold (wedding? M?) ring by maryjohn
6. organic sencha tea by Simon Levelt, works wonders on cold days ;-)


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