Uppercase & me


Those of you who follow me on facebook probably have seen my Oh-My-God-Wow-Can't-Believe-It-I'm-So-Proud-post ...but I like to tell you here too that one of my illustrator dreams have come true: My work is featured in Uppercase Magazine!! 
I'm even mentioned as a contributor with a little 'this-is-me' text and picture.

I'm super happy, proud (like you didn't get that by the cry out above ;-) ) and very flattered I'm - for this first issue of 2015 - part of my fave magazine. Hurray!!

Big thanks to Janine, the always inspiring creator of this wonderful Magazine!
This issue by the way is not only about me of course but also about textile art and crafts and tattoos (interesting combo). Every single one has a unique piece of fabric on the cover (see the picture in the top left corner), how cool is that?


  1. VERY cool!! Well done you! :)

  2. We just got our copy of Uppercase in the mail... but I haven't yet had the chance to read it. Congrats, Kim- I look forward to it!


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