Invitation design & Father's Day

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With father's day coming up this weekend, I like to tell you about my dad.

My father is about to retire. He worked (very hard and dedicated) for over 40 years for the same company and they asked me to design the invitation to his retirement party.

My mum (secretly) took a picture of my dad which I used as a silhouette for the card. I added all his favorite things he plans on doing when retired. Things like: gardening, playing with his grand children, cycling (especially long distances, they once cycled to Rome!!), doing all the waiting DIY jobs (my dad is super handy, he said he would make James a sandpit on wheels, can't wait!) and I heard him say to my mum he plans on cooking more (that would be an exciting new adventure).

I need to tell here that my dad is my biggest fan. He refuses any art entering the home unless it's made by me ;-). So when the card was printed and given to my dad, he was truely moved. Isn't that the best reaction you can get?

Happy father's day everyone!

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  1. Mooi Kimmie, prachtig ook dat silhouet. Zo fijn hè, trotse papa's. Geniet nog lekker van hem.


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