New wooden block products for the Etsy shop


Here's a little sneak peak of a project I have been working on today. I'm making new products for the Etsy shop out of wooden blocks. I'm painting every single block by hand, which I very much enjoy as a welcome away-from-the-computer-screen.

All this was inspired by my son James, as wooden blocks are on his play list. Also, when I was pregnant with him I made this mobile for the nursery and I felt I wanted to do more with these beautiful unfinished wooden blocks ans the design made.

I hope to have them all available in the shop within two weeks. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Love these! I can also completely rely on the need to go away from the screen. I've crocheted this afternoon for the same reason!

    1. I guess the computer is both our friend and enemy ;-)!


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