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I often use a lot of hand drawn or hand painted structures in my illustrations but crayons haven't been out of my drawer for a long time.  For a new commission I'm experimenting with crayons and colored lines. In the end, the illustrations should become landscapes.

When I first started my illustrations bizz, I found it quite difficult to make a good composition/ background. Therefor I started making panorama boxes (like this and this one) because with that technique I could work with seperate elements and drawn props shuffling around, till I was happy with the look. This way I learned a lot about making a good composition.

I my students often struggle with the same. Loose illustrated elements are doable but combining it with a background and make a solid composition is another thing.
My online Illustration beyond the 2D - course was actually developed with (partly, it's also just good fun to play with your 2D illustrations on 3D things!) that purpose in mind.


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