Color the Hood - the Utrecht coloringbook

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Musing about places to live, I realized I've lived almost 1/3 of my life in Utrecht! I moved there one year before I started studying illustration at the Utrecht art school and live there (in 4 different houses) for 10 years. When I moved to the tiny village I live in now (just above Amsterdam) it took me about a year to get used to this new environment and not missing Utrecht all the time.
Now I can say I really enjoy living in my (not so) new (anymore) town but I still have a soft spot for Utrecht.

So when a few days ago I opened a brown envelope that popped in my mailbox, I was very excited! The envelope contained a copy of the Color the Hood coloring book for grown ups, a project three of my former students were working on (remember?).
They made beautiful (and detailed!) drawings of their neighboorhoods in Utrecht and looking though it was a party of memories. I remember picknicking with my friend in the Lepelenburg park (the colored picture), close to my home and cycling by lots of the illustrated buidlings.

I'm so super proud of Maruga, Anne and Karin who took the efford to make this wonderful book of the city of Utrecht. The book is printed on heavy paper that not only is suitable for coloring with pencil but also does very well with water color.
Very well done ladies! ;-)

Do you want a Utrecht coloring book of your own? You can purchase it in Utrecht at (among others): Broese bookstore, Keck & Lisa, Rachmaninof and the VVV. Or via the Color the Hood website.


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