Pressed flowers for Illustration course


I'm pressing flowers and leafs (so much fun!) to build a collection that will be used for an illustration assignment in my Analog & Digital Illustration course that starts in september.
The last few weeks I've been walking around my neigbourhood to collect all sorts of flora to press. When they are totally dried I put them on a white sheet of paper. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have a big collection for my students to illustrate. :-)

Wanna join the illustration course I'll be teaching? See the UCK website for more info.
This is a 'live' course in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Do you not live nearby? See my webshop for an online illustration workshop.


  1. These are pretty, even frame-worthy! I've always been a bit jealous of people who got to make a herbarium at school, collecting and pressing flowers sounds so fun. :)

  2. Where do you store these white papers? In a dark place?
    And what do you put on it, to press?

    1. I store the paper + pressed flowers in a cardboard mailbox box (those flat brown folded boxes). For pressing I use either big heavy books (with old newspapers to put under and on top of the to be pressed flower) or a little flowers press (I bought mine at Dille & Kamille).


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