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Hello this monday!
The weather here is beautiful today , truely summer. And because august always is a relaxed month workwise I finally have time to do the things I have been waiting to do for quite some time.
James has grown out of almost all his pants so it's the perfect time to make him some new ones. And even better: I'm sharing this super easy pants pattern and how-to with you!

What you need
+ the pattern, you can download it here
+ 50 cm / 20" jersey (or other stretch fabric), at least 100 cm / 39" wide
+ fabric paint
+ small sponge
+ material to use as a stamp (I used an eraser and the back of a pencil)
+ 1x a 44 cm / 17" piece + 2x a 18cm / 7" piece of elastic, 2-3 cm / 1" wide
+ sewing machine (perferably a serger / overlock machine)

How to
First I made a pattern on the fabric using stamps. Iron the fabric (I forgot to do this as you can see in the picture ;-). But the pattern turns out better if you iron your fabric first).
Put some of the fabric paint onto a small piece of sponge and dab it onto the stamp. Stamp it onto the fabric. Repeat this untill your happy with the design and all fabric is covered. Let is dry

Print the pattern in the proper size (make sure the dotted line is 38 cm / 15" long).
Put it on top of the folded fabric and cut the pattern + 1 extra cm / 1/2".

Sew the ends of the elastic pieces together so you have three circles. The small ones for the legs, the big one for the waist.

Put the two pants pieces with the stamped sides on top of each other and sew the crotch seams together (front to front, back to back). Sew the leg seams together.

Now sew in the elastic waist. Make sure to stretch the elastic evenly along the waist. Do the same with the trouser legs. Done!

this free pattern is for personal use only


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    1. Leuk he! bij mijn zoontje staat ie zo schattig (al zeg ik het zelf, haha). Je kan 'm ook vrij makkelijk vergroten voor grotere kinderen.


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