Autumn DIY for kids

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Leafs are falling, colors are changing... time for an autumn DIY!
I've posted this on instagram this week but thought it would be nice to explain how it was made ;-)

You'll need:
- flower press or large book
- sheets of newspaper or toilet paper
- paint (acrylic or goach) + paintbrush
- something to protect the table + an apron to project your kids clothes
- thread ( I used extra thick sewing thread)
- scissors

I collected leafs and a small branch with James in the little parc close to our home
(great way to secretly learn you kid about different shapes, trees and nature).

We cleaned the leafs and put them in a flower press for about a week (this is important, if dried to short, the leafs will curl). Lay the leafs in the press (or in a heavy book) inbetween newspaper sheets or toilet paper sheets.

James painted the leafs and branch with acrylic paint (which is waterproof).
You can also do this with goache but I find acrylic paint easier to apply to the leafs (be careful with clothes though, it's very hard to clean this paint out of fabric). Let it dry.

Now the only thing you have to do is attach the leafs to the branch with thread (I used white but autumn colors would be fun too!), make sure you hang them unevenly to create a pretty mobile.
Now also attach a peice of thread between the two ends of the branch so you can hang your mobile.



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