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On special request, I've added a new service to my bizz... custom workshops and lessons.
If you're looking for a specific thing to learn about illustration, drawing and technical skills, I'm your girl!

Today I teached, for example, (technical) fashion illustration to a student. She wanted to learn to feel more at ease drawing clothes and fashion details to be more comfortable in her new job in the fashion industry. I've designed three lessons, each of two hours, for her to work on drawing technique and
to help her gain more confidence in overall drawing skills . Today was the first and we focused on the basics of drawing a garnment and developing more skill in drawing 'free' lines (it's all about confindence, exercise and a few tricks!).

Is there anything you'd like to learn in illustration that you can't find in the other workshops or courses? Maybe how to draw people or animals? Or would you like to be more confident in drawing? Or what about starting your own illustration business, need some guidance with that?
For more information, see the workshop page on this blog!

Or try the online illustration workshop if you're not able to attend in person.


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