the cat in the box

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This post is about a new Instant comfort Pocket Box that was waiting to be designed for a while.
Most box designs contain animal drawings: a dog, a piglet, even a lobster but one was missing... a cat! Even though I had e few requests to make a cat design, I was a bit reluctant about it.

The thing is, I am not really a cat person, there, I've said it.
The animals I choose to draw are the ones I like. But, somehow this week I felt like drawing purring fellas. And, with this said, I'd like to introduce a little nerdy mr whiskers, I'm even smitten with!
Also some scatches (ok, sorry for the lame puns, can't help it now I'm getting comfortable with the cat world) of the process above ;-)

Of course the new cat box is available at Kim's Little Mosters Etsy shop.


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