greeting cards for Enormous Champion


Somewhere in May this year, Brooklyn based stationary company Enormous Champion asked me if I would like to design a set of greeting cards for their collection (ehm... YES!!).
This week the printed postcards came in and now that I see them in real life I feel so super proud!

Originally the idea was to design four but I got the hang of it and the lovely people at EC asked me if I could do more. So, here's now a mini collection of eight cards for various occasions like: birth, birthdays, christmas, weddings, thank you and saying hi.

The cards are available for wholesale at the Enormous Champion website (and soon in their Etsy Shop).

ps The three in the bottom picture are my fave, which one(s) do you like best?


  1. Wat zijn ze geweldig leuk!!
    Ik vind de "hello baby", de bloemen uit de koffiepot en "happy forever" het leukst:)

  2. Heel leuk! Die met het 'Hello there' vogeltje is mijn favoriet :-)


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