MATS course by Lilla Rogers

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This year I've been working so hard on commission and products for the shop, I felt I deserved a treat, just for me ;-) Something that would be fun, inspiring and new. So, when Lilla Rogers offered a 50% discount on her Make Art That Sells Courses it was not hard te decide what to do.

Right now (with christmas rush in the webshop and all) I cannot by far keep up with the pace of 5 weeks for the whole MATS A course, I'm taking my time with the assignments. I very much enjoy making things not for sale or commission but just for my own amusement. And it's so comfortable to not have to come up with assignments myself but just do what Lilla says! ;-)
Isn't being a student just great at any time in your life?

For the sketches, I've experimented with drawing, an ink pen and cutting paper (the green elements in the first photo). I gave my own students an assignment with papercutting in it and was so enthousiastic about what they made that I felt like giving it a go myself too!


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