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In the fresh beginning of 2016 a new magazine was launched: Let's Explore Magazine. The editor of this magazine is a long time friend (and ex boyfriend... long long time ago ;-) ) so naturally I was very interested in this paper pearl...

Originally this was a online magazine but last week, the very first printed version came out and I was intantly amazed by the quality! You can see it is made with care, attention and know how. What I particularly love about it is that, in a world where you see so much of the same graphic solutions (like a white frame and text over a photo for example), this magazine follows it's own layout and style.
The photos are just wonderful, it's a sheer joy to flip through the pages. The subject of this issue is belonging and about that I can say one thing: this magazine does absolutely belong on everyone's bookshelf!

It is currently available at Atheneum Newscenter in Amsterdam. For other stockists, contact Let's Explore Magazine or check their FB page.


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