London + a surprise in the end...


Last weekend me and M went on a city trip to London (the toddler had his own party and the grandparents house...) while at home our bathroom was being renovated. Because we were both feeling a bit under the weather (as the english put it so elegantly), we decided to take it slow and mostly focus on good food ;-).

Our hotel was the Premier Inn in Shoreditch (which I can totally recommend. Not the most exciting exterior but inside is lovely and good quality for a good price) and lucky us, we had a room with bath and a very very comfortable bed!

With the good food in mind we went to Fifteen (by Jamie Oliver, location: 15 westland Place) on the first night and had a mouth watering three course dinner served by the superfriendly staff.

The next day, we decided to go look for a tiny little shop I've been wanting to go to for years: Ryan Town, the brick and mortar shop by british illustrator and paper cut artist Robert Ryan. When arrrived at the spot, the shop was still closed till 12 so we decided to wait for it to open while having lunch at a cute place nearby (second picture).
When back at the shop we discovered we were quite lucky to be there as the shop was about to close for good after february 28th! I bought a lovely book and a little plate.

At night we ate at Blixen (Old Spitalfields Market), under an orange tree :-).

Then, on sunday 14th I was in for a big surprise... We booked a table at Ottolenghi (the chef from the Plenty cookbooks, location: 50 artillery lane) and after a delicious dinner, while enjoying our desert M popped THE QUESTION!!! Whaaaaaa! (I said YES, by the way).
The lovely people at Ottolenghi came to congratulate us and brought some sweet presents (see below).
Wow, what a weekend!

Ps. Back home, I got hit by a serious flu but that could not spoil my good mood... I'll be shopping for wedding dresses soon!!! ;-)


  1. Whoauaaoooaua Hoera wat een leuk nieuwtje Kim, gefeliciteerd! Beetje jaloers ben ik wel, niet wat trouwen betreft trouwens ;-) maar wel vanwege je bezoek aan Rob Ryan-store, dus dank voor de foto's!! En veel plezier met het uitzoeken van een mooi trouwkleedje......

  2. Congratulations! It sounds like it was a wonderful trip from beginning to end, and good thing you got to visit Ryan Town before it closed for good. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    (I always read your blog, it's awesome, just never commented before.)

    1. Hi Tammy,
      Thanks for your sweet comment! :-)

  3. Wow! Gefeliciteerd!
    En ook nog op valentijnsdag <3

  4. dearest, just chanced upon this. big news & a most heartfelt congratulations!!! xo~ miss p

  5. Thanks everyone! (I was a bit late with responding but that's because I forgot I changed my settings into 'moderate comments', ooopss...)


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