Mini Drawing Spark #2


For Mini Drawing Spark #2 I'd like to ask you to zoom in on the beautiful world of insects. Now that summer is getting closer, it's the perfect time for taking a closer look at these pretty tiny creatures!

Look for beetles, flying creatures and other insects in your garden, park or even balcony. Take pictures or find photos of exotic insects online.
Ink and a fountain pen are great for little detailed drawings (if you don't have these, pencil or fineliner works too - as you can see in my example above- but ink is my favorite as it gives such pretty 'handmade' lines).
Pay extra attention to paws, eyes, wings and such, each insect has it's own perfect design.

Have fun!


  1. Dank voor de tips en fijn om je weer te 'zien', Kim. Ben ook weer terug in blogland ;-).

  2. Hey! Jij ook welkom terug, leuk!


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