The Wedding

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From top to bottom: photo 1, 3 and 4 by Bob Leistra - photo 2 by Rob Welling

Hello Hello, here I am writing to you as Mrs instead of Miss ;-). Friday the 25th of august Me and M got married!
It was a wonderful day, the weather was just perfect, sunny but not too warm. We aimed for a relaxed day with good food and I think we nailed it with the help of a few very dedicated professionals:

Imke Verhoef decorated the venue in the colors of our wedding invitation. She also made my bridal bouquet. I gave a some (very vage) instructions before which she translated magically into precisely what I hoped for.

We did not want a traditional wedding cake so we asked De Rivierkeuken to make us a cake buffet with a variation of cakes, pies and sweet bites. Because I don't eat sugar and we also had a (little) guest with a allergy for milk and nuts, Astrid from the Rivierkeuken made us a few cakes without. We got so many enthousiastic responses from our guests that the food was yummy (We're still enjoying some left over pieces, that are in our fridge).

For our (day) venue we choose Het Weeshuis. A beautiful old dutch building with coutyard garden, which was perfect for our small ceremony. The people at Het weeshuis made sure the day went smoothly and were very sweet. (And, something I had not thought of in advance but my dress color - blush pink- matched so well with the interious color - greenish blue - of the venue!).

Our photographer was the talented and ubercool Bob Leistra, a photographer / DJ who's a friend's daughters' boyfriend... do you still follow? ;-). I'm so pleased with the photo's he made (and, also important, he's such a sweetheart).

At night we had dinner at De Kruidfabriek. They have a small glass house which was reserved for our small party. Very Very tasteful dishes, wine and dessert (again, no sugar but very creative and gooood!).

My sister also worked her ass off as our 'best woman', and our parents and maid of honour all made our day with presentations, speeches and funny stuff.

After this joyful day me and M went to Arnhem for a mini-honeymoon at the Hotel Modez. There was a bit of a misunderstanding with the reservation but they made it up the next day with a champagne breakfast.

What I enjoyed most was that everyone was so happy, warm and thoughtful to us, on this important day. So, what more can I say.... it was P E R F E C T!

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  1. Congratulations! Best wishes to you, thank you for sharing the fabulous photos. It sounds like it was a magical event and just perfect.


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