Etsy Showroom III

   Oooh, I enjoyed myself so much this weekend! The Etsy showroom was happening and
   it was so much fun. Not only cause of the experience of meeting my buyers in 'real life'
   but also for the lovely other Etsy sellers I met during the whole event.
   My stall neighbours were:

   + Made By MO:   the lovely Marieke and her helpful boyfriend handed out
                               chocolate easter eggs in between business, yum!
   + Broesj:             Babette makes cute little brooches of vintage plastic figures and
                               during the showroom we found out that her sister was my sister's
                               best friend in primary school, such a small world!
   + Twinklebird:    Christine covered my back at the Etsy Showroom, literaly but also
                               by bringing me tea and entertaining me with occasional chitchat and
                               her cute (and fashionable!) three (or four?) year old who payed a
                               visit with her dad.
                               I was totally mesmerized by her lovely stall-decor and of course her
                               jewelry, so delicate and pretty, I had to get myself some and bought
                               a 'big dipper' necklace and got a 'confetti' ring (thanks Christine!).

   The lovely twins Dinah and Sarah from Studio LileSadi came strolling by my stall and
   both bought a breakfast plate and cup&saucer. I've seen so many other sellers and
   lovely people, I could write a week of blogposts about it!

   Last but not least, Monique van der Vlist of 101 Woonideeen came chatting and told
   me I was one of her favorite dutch illustrators of the moment, WOW blush!
   This weekend couldn't have been better!

   Thanks to everyone for coming by, all the 'gezelligheid' (cozyness/ good times, a dutch
   word that's a bit hard to translate, there's no word for it in english) and the people
   from Etsy NL and In De Ruimte for making this market such a succes!
   We want more!
   Photo 2 and 3 were made by In De Ruimte.


  1. Dat klinkt super! Die eerste foto is leuk :)

  2. the place looks super! very nice fotos & great shop links!

  3. Mooie sfeerimpressie. Het was een heerlijk weekend.

  4. oooh fun! thanks for sharing :) great to see online people in real life no?

  5. Klinkt inderdaad heel gezellig, leuk!

  6. Hi Kim, was een heel gezellig weekend zo 'samen in de shop' en leuke blogpost! :)


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