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   Now that I'm taking a few days off during the holidays, I've finally got time to visit
   some museums. For example:

   The Boijmans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam. They have an amazing exhibition
   of Hella Jongerius' work (until 13 februari 2011).

   Shadowdance, an group exhibition featuring work of more then thirty visual artists, all
   fascinated by the effect of shadow, at the Kunsthal KADE in Amersfoort (until 6
   februari 2011). Pictures will come later...

   While in Rotterdam, I also came across the beautiful work of Gino Rizzi: coral-like
   objects made out of plastic bottles. Unfortunately it was very poorly displayed. Not
   getting the attention it deserves because of the bad lighting and decor of the room
   (which made it quite hard to make a good photo).


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   On the 28th I went to a wintercircus. It was so much fun! There was a clown from
   Agentina who gave an amazing poetic performance (do you see his concentration
   reflected in the tension of his fingers?). The only thing I'm still not sure about; are
   animals in a circus really nice or really sad?

Christmas at my parents

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   Second Christmas-day at my parents house (in Holland we celebrate a second
   christmas day on the 26th). And while I'm here, browsing through some old stuff, I
   found some long forgotten things from my childhood... Artworks of bread dough and a
   magic spool I had no patience for. Little beads that spelled my name and the 'made by
   Reina' labels my mom put in the clothes she sewed for us. If I could only be five again...


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   The kids in my art class made masks 'to scare the ghosts and other scary things
   away'. Here a small selection.


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   I was making the boxes of my type case bigger and had some leftover pieces of timber.
   So, why not turn them into brooches!

Colors Magazine

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   Colors magazine is about collectors this edition. I find it very fascinating and
   inspiring to see what people collect. For example, the person who collects used (only
   by herself) teabags. Apart from the somewhat unorthodox subject, it's also interesting
   to me because of the beauty of the bags' decay.

Free Mini Expo

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   The new Free Mini Expo is out (a booklet with three illustrations)!
   It is very limited: only one. I put it up somewhere in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and
   will give you one clue: the name of the street has the dutch word for 'Jump' in it...

Round things I like

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Oh My Tees!

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   I was recently asked to make a Tshirt-print for Oh My Tees. This is what I made.
   You can vote for my design on their facebookpage. If it gets enough votes, the t-shirt
   will be printed and sold on their website. 


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   One of my (very inspiring) students had a panther-thing going on yesterday... I like the
   combination with the mustard yellow socks and bag.

Weekend Winkel expo

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   I sold a lot of my china this weekend at the 'Weekend Winkel' and got so many nice
   comments on it! Hurray!
   Apart from my work, a lot of other goodies were to be seen; clothes, jewelry,
   furniture, paintings and more. And all those nice things make thirtsty (and hungry) so
   we got ourselves a high tea!

   Ps: The rest of the china will be for sale on my website.


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   The china is finally ready! I'm quite proud...
   You can buy it this weekend at the Weekend Winkel. For more picture, see
   my website.


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   I started with putting the transfers on the vintage china! If that's done, the pieces
   will go into the ceramic oven... I'm quite excited!

Isabelle's request...

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   So this is Seb (or The Sebster). I wanted a dog but because that's a bit difficult with
   work and all, I got a bunny. Fortunately for me, he thinks he's a dog; He listens when I
   call, jumps on your lap, licks your hand, follows me everywhere
   and if he could, I just know he would bark... Oh, and in the summer, I take him to the
   park to run around, he always comes back to me!


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   A pile of porcelain is waiting to be printed but... the orange on the tranfers
   turned out brown so I have to wait for new ones...

Window stickers

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   Yesterday, I teached a workshop 'window stickers' for kids.

Birthday lunch

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   Friday I had lunch with my good friend and illustrator Sue Doeksen to celebrate her
   28th birthday.

Happy new year gift

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   I can't get used to holidaycards send by email so I keep making and sending 'real' cards
   every year. For this year it's a bit more than a card, it's a give-a-gift-gift...

Print for china

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   I'm working on prints for vintage china, this is one of them.

New blog

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   Lately I came across such nice blogs that I decided to start blogging too! 
   So.. here I am...
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