illustration of the Shikoku 88 temple route

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For & Katern (newspaper edition) I made a map of the 88 temple route on Shikoku Island in Japan. One of their employees walked the route from temple 1-32 and they wanted an illustrated map of her adventure.
While researching I soon found out I should add a new destination to my vakantion-wish-list. Wow, what a beautiful magical island! I'm not sure if I would walk the whole route (1200 km!) but just a visite to a few temples and the magical nature there would be perfect.

I so much enjoy discovering such inspiring subject through commissions!
More pictures and close up of the illustration on my portfolio website:

The houses of my village - barn house

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For today, I've got another 'house of my village' for you!
This house/ barn may not be considered a 'pretty dutch house' in the sense of that it's well redone or has a fancy look but I do love the rough look of it (it reminds me of the barns and sheds Nigel Peake drew in his In The Wilds Book).

Often there is a tractor parked next to the house with a big trailer in which they organise rides for kids birthday parties with country theme and other activities. Recenty there was a bit of a sad thing going on as someone (only one person) in the village (or just outside the village) complained about the noise they made and now the owners of Vurige Staart Sport (also known as 'Boer Piet') started a petition to make sure they can still continue. If you want to help them (it's all in dutch) you can sign the petition here!

Valesca van Waveren

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Hello my friends!
This monday I'd like to introduce you to Valesca van Waveren, a fellow illustrator and sweet friend.
Valesca will teach my illustration courses from september to november at the Utrecht Center for the Arts, while I'm on pregnancy leave.
I'm so happy she agreed to do this as she is such a talented illustrator and inspiring teacher!

Above some of her wonderful illustration work. Apart from illustrating we share a love for ceramics (check her Etsy shop!) and drawing plants ;-)

For more information on her work, see Valesca's website.
Interested in the illustration course? See the UCK website.

all images by Valesca van Waveren

Silhouette cameo 2 + bridesmaids

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For all the Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes I make, every single item is cut by hand. You can imagine the mayor amount of work.... But now, I've got a clever new machine to do the cutting for me! I bought a Silhouette Cameo 2 and after a week of struggling to make it work (grrrrrr), it now is my dream come true! I adjust my designs in the silouette software and send it to my printer, cutter and tadaaa! in 5 minutes the shapes are cut and I can go straight through to assembling the boxes.
I wish I bought it sooner.... ;-)

I started directly with a brand new design - a box with a wedding theme - to ask your best friend(s) to be your bridesmaid. On the front you can write the friend's name to make it even more personal.
I'm also working on a 'will you be my maid of honour' box that will soon join the bridesmaid-box in the shop!

Illustration for &Katern

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A few posts ago I showed you a sneek preview with garden sketches for a new commission. It's been published so I can now show you the resutl!

It was a commission for &Katern, an extra newspaper section for a couple of dutch newspapers (like Algemeen Dagblad and such). The atricle I made an illustration for is about how to safe money on garden design. I very much enjoyed drawing the little plants, pots, flowers and succulents, drawing nature is my all time fave!


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A while ago I was contacted by Etsy if I was interested in being a seller in their wholesale department. I was very ethousiastic about it but unfortunately, after some hick ups with setting up the wholesale shop on Etsy (it had something to do with having to change my shop currency to dollars, which turned out to be very unfortunated for me TAX and payment wise, a complicated long story...) I decide not to go through but pick up wholesale by myself again.

So, from now on, I have an official wholesale form with all information on the products I can offer, minimum order amounts, prices and terms. And...I can tell you here that the Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes are also on the list!

If you own a shop or gallery and are interested in selling my products, please contact me by mail (see about).

and about the image: almost everything is possible ;-)

Busy Busy & lasercut maps and stadiums

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There seems to be a certain rule that commissions always come all at once, at the same time. The last few weeks I've been a bit too much behind the computer but, with some fun illustrations as result!
Frustrating enough I cannot show you any of them as they are not yet officially published... but as soon as they are, I'll post them on the blog!

So for now, I'm showing you some of M's new pretty lasercut things...
He has started to make soccer stadiums: Wembley, De Kuip, De Arena and even the old Ajax stadium 'de Meer'. And them there's also a very pretty (and impressive) maps of Paris, Haarlem, Rotterdam and of course our good old Amsterdam.

You can find them all at

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