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I'm an illustrator, designer and illustration teacher, living and working in Ilpendam (a little town just above Amsterdam, the Netherlands) with my love M, son J and baby girl L.
Apart from two dimensional work, I specialize in making tactile (3D) illustrative objects and installations like window displays or panorama boxes. I own a webshop too, where my illustrative products are available.
Besides all the above I also love cooking, baking, my veggie garden and lots more!

+ Illustration, Utrecht School of the Arts, 2007
+ Fashion Design, Arnhem Institute of the Arts (ArtEZ), 2001

I'm working for a diverse group of clients from magazine to clothes labels, events
and cultural and social foundations.

mail: kim (the at symbol) kimwelling (little dot) com

mail: kim (the at symbol) kimslittlemonsters (little dot) com

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