Illustration course

Illustration made by Carly, one of the students of the 2011 Illustration course.

Hello to you all!
Many of you might have heard (the dutch readers mostly), this season will be the last I'll teach my illustration course. Due to rearrangements at the Utrecht Centre for the Arts and some personal decisions I've decided to stop teaching the wednesdag and thursday classes to focus more on other ilustration projects.

I will still be teaching the Illustrations & Digital courses on tuesdays though! Subsciption is open to the courses that start in September 2015 and februari 2016. You can find it all at the UCK website.


A birch wood Alphabet for The Machinery


The first birch wood Alphabet letters I designed for The Machinery are available at their Etsy shop!

Every letter contains a animal design and is lasercut out of birch wood. You can choose a letter with or without holes. With for making a banner, without if you prefer to glue your letter to a door or just display it standing.
When ordering more than one Letter (with holes) the nude colored string (in the last photo) is added to your order.

You can find the first 13 letters at The Machinery Shop on Etsy

And the winner of the mermaid comfort box is...

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Congrats Diane, you're the winner of the little mermaid comfort box! (I'll contact you through email).
Thanks to everyone who joined this give away!

A podcast interview by Cuddles & Rage

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A few weeks ago I was was interviewed by the lovely Liz of Cuddles and Rage for a podcast series called 'People I Think Are Cool'. I just got an email from Liz that the Podcast is up!
We're talking about the Comfort Boxes, paying it forward and people getting tattoos of your art.

I was a bit nervous when we did the interview through skype (I've never been in a podcast) but Liz was lovely and very easy to talk to, it was actually very much fun to talk to her! You can listen to the result at People I Think Are Cool.

Also check out the Cuddles and Rage website and Etsy shop, they make super fun and cute stuff!

New mermaid comfort box


There's a new cheering friend in town (or in the shop that is)! A little cheeky mermaid telling you you are amazing, who would not want to hear that?
This cutie with fish tail will charm all friends, especially the ones who could need a little reminder of their capabilities and amazingness.

And, because I'm all for spreading the love... you can WIN her!
Post about this little mermaid on any of the social media platforms (instagram, twitter, facebook, blog, etc), send me a mail (see my contact page) with a link to the post or add #newmermaidcomfortbox to the post and you might be the lucky one!
I'll pick a WINNER monday the 25th.
---> this give away is closed now

She is waiting for you in the Etsy shop, Kim's Little Monsters!

My very first infographics

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Illustrations and infographics are two different things. I've been focussing mainly on the first, not that I've been excluding infographic for a raison but just because they did not cross my path.. till now.

One World Magazine asked me to illustrate an item about wind energy and needed a few infographic facts with the main illustration. Personally when thinking of infographics I imagine very smooth and graphic-like shapes but I choose to approached the whole infographic thing in a very illustrative way (after all I am an illustrator). It took me some time and thinking but in the end I very much enjoyed making them.

Custom Comfort Boxes for a dutch magazine...


The comfort boxes madness wasn't over yet this week... I was asked by a dutch magazine (can't tell the name yet) to make very special custom comfort boxes. Even though I've been making about 400 boxes the last seven days I still enjoy making them so much. Especially when there's a fun theme to follow. These are the sketches and cuttings, I'll show you the results once they're published (about mid-summer).

DIY easel for the little artist

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Recently we replaced our big dinner tabel with a smaller round tabel. We didn't know what to do with the leftover tresle legs from the old tabel... Untill I read a book about making art with children: you can make a perfect size easel for children with trestle legs!

I screwed a sheet of wood to the top part  (the part you can move upwards to make the trestle higher) of the trestle legs and used clothespins to keep a big sheet of paper put.
A leftover piece of vinyl flooring was put underneath to protect our wooden floor and tadaa! James' own little art corner in my studio is ready! 
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