q u e s t i o n s

I really appreciate you all being interested in what I do! Unfortunately I'm quite
busy so can't always find the time to answer questions to each of you individually.
I hope you'll find your answers here (and if not, please try to google it first before
you contacting me).

What technique do you use for your porcelain?
I use ceramic transfers that I order at digitalceramics.com
For more information about the technique, just follow the link.
The porcelain pins and brooches are printed with magic decal
paper I buy at craftycomputerpaper.co.uk.

Can I show your work on my blog/ tumbler/ website?
Yes you can, provided that you:
-mention it's from me
-include my name
-link back to my blog

I'd like to sell my items on a wider scale. How do you approach doing this?
I'm not an absolute expert but I just mail pictures of my work to shops I like and ask
if they would be interested in selling my stuff. Of course I check first if my style goes
with theirs. More about (online) selling: I found loads of good tips on
Design*spongewonderthinking and blacksburgbelle, they know way more about
this than I do!

What did you start first, your website, blog or etsy shop?
First there was my website, then I started blogging, stopped for a while, I wasn't
ready for it yet I guess ;) and started again. Now there's my Etsy shop. I already
joined in 2008 but only created the right things to sell in januari 2011, so from then
on it's been a serious thing.

How did you get started and how do you promote your work?
I used to be a fashion designer, working for different labels. But most of the work you
do there is on the computer and I really missed feeling the material. I also designed a
lot of prints for t-shirts and all and really loved that, more than designing the clothes
itself. So I began a new education in Illustration (art school). After that (in 2007) I
started my own business as an illustrator (freelance) but teached illustration and arts
on the side to have a steady income. I made little booklets and send those to
magazines or companies I'd like to work for. I also applied to several open calls and
got some commisioned work though that. I always keep my portfolio (a real and
online one) up  to date. At some point people know you and your work and spread the
Do you mostly work by hand, or digital, or 50/50?
I think it's like 60/40. I draw everything by hand first (using a black fineliner or ink,
sometimes paint), then scan it and add color on the computer. If I'm making a
complete illustration, I do the same and then put everything together on the
Do you draw your illustrations first and put them onto products, or do you
always have an end product in mind?
Sometimes I just draw and find a use later, sometimes I do have a product in mind
first (like with the porcelain). It also depends on if it's commisioned work or
something I'm developing myself. 
Do you take on interns?
I have in the past but right now I can't offer internships. If this changes in the
(near) future I'll let you know through this blog.

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