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   I've always loved books but these days I find myself addicted to everything visual.
   Magazines, blogs, books and exhibitions. Fortunately for me a lot of new books
   came my way the past few weeks as a gift, found treasure or just bought by myself.
   My most recent favorites are:

   + Charley Harper, an illustrated life (see this previous post)
   + Happy animal time by Junzo Terada
   + De Sjaal by Francis Durbridge (coverdesign by Dick Bruna)
   + Miniburger Dirty dozen & lucky 13th, 13 comic booklets by different artists
   + Wannee Kookboek, 15th edition of the original cookbook (1910) of the 
      Amsterdam school of home economics
   + 30 minutes meals and Jamie at home by Jamie Oliver

Foxy scarf

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   I absolutely love this scarf by Donna Wilson! (An it goes so well with my china).
   This is nice too.


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Charley Harper


   I got the most amazing book for my birthday last week about Charley Harper. The man
   is an absolute genius!

Playing with colour and shape

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Mail for Sandra


   I'm following Sandra Juto's blog for a while now and I love it so much, I wanted to send
   her a little something to say thanks for all the inspiration.... (I can't show what it is
   right now because it has to be a surprise)... I really hope she likes it!

   Also nice work here.


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   The workshop 'illustration on porcelain' I'm teaching started this week. Although two
   and a half hours turned out a bit short, beautiful drawings and collages were made.
   Next lesson, we'll put the designs onto the china.



   A little box with symbolic personal treasures to bring along on 'the last journey'.
   For a special person of whom I had to say goodbye.

Little record case

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   A while ago, I found this little record case in a second hand shop. I totally forgot about
   it and rediscovered it today in a corner of my studio... and turned it into a box for my

Rob Ryan

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   I was browsing through some blogs (Camilla Engman, Shelf) and came across
   Rob Ryan. I've know his work for a while but didn't know he also owned a little shop
   called Ryantown in London. I MUST remember to visite when I'm in London again!

Flea market

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   Last sunday, me and my friends sold some clothes and stuff at the 'IJhallen flea market'
   in Amsterdam. The market took place in a beautiful (but cold) old factory building.

Brooches 2

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   A few more characters of the brooche family...

Beautiful old things

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   I found a box with some old tools and other pretty things. I think it belonged to my
   grandfather who was a skillful carpenter in his spare time.


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   New fabrics from Carol Cox (a little quilt shop in Utrecht. Although I'm not really into
   quilting, I like the fabrics they sell, such nice little patterns). I haven't decided on what to
   make with them yet...
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