Jimmy Durham


Getting up saturday morning, I had the sudden idea to go to Antwerp and see the Jimmy Durham Exhibition at the M HKA. I drove by Mr C's to pick him up and we were on our way the Belgium  (I realized it's only a 1,5 hour drive from Utrecht!)

Looking back at this 'spur of the moment', it's the best thing I've done in weeks. What amazing works! The thing that struck me most was the humour and intuitive feel of his work. Durham discribes his work as a reflection on behavior and ways of thinking in different societies. His use of natural materials like rocks, wood and found objects makes it highly tactile and intuitive. He makes you think about your perspective on the small and big things in life in a funny and direct way, without the  pretentious concepts often seen in art.
The way he explores the world and provides his findings with witty and misleadingly simple notes, reminds me of Keri Smith and even the way he writes his notes seems so 'now' (even though he's been doing this since the seventies). Inspiration is just never far away when looking at Durhams work.

If you're in the neighbourhood I can highly recommend this exhibition, go see!

(picture 1: a piece of granite shaped like a camels head
 picture 3: pretentious rocks: doctor, lawyer, indian chief
 picture 4: peanut shaped like a bird and detachable 'arc the triomphe')

Weekend baking


The bakings of the weekend just before going into the oven: apple-grape pie (with cardamom, the star ingredient) and apple pie scones... even though I didn't ate it all myself I had a bit too much pie anyway (report from my stumach).

Free friday (but maybe not)

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Have you read this post by Elisabeth of Fine little day about advertising? It made me think, when is advertising ok and can it be sincere? Once in a while I get offers from companies who ask me to put an affiliated link on my blog and every time I said no. It didn't feel right to lend my blog for promotion that has nothing to do with the thoughts and ideas I post here.

Last week I subscribed to Uppercase, my absolute favorite magazine (hurray!) and saw they have buttons to put on your site or blog. And now the big thing... this button is an affiliated link. Everytime someone clicks it, it leads to the uppercase website (not directly to a shop). If that person eventually buys something (while still there though the link) in the Uppercase shop or subscribes, I receive a small (very small) amount. I like the idea of promoting Uppercase and them, in a small way, promoting me as an artist, to be able to do the things I love.

Now that's said, let's all click that button and buy! No, just kidding, feel free to whatever you want or won't. That what I try to do ;-)

Survival fox


Working on the new survival sketches I thought it would be fun to re-introduce the little fox, this time as a wanderer through nature, with his best scout skills.
The thought has crossed my mind that this would do great on some new china... I didn't plan making new pieces cause it's so much work (and the profit is not in compare with the hours of work, not even close). But... I know a lot of people wish me to make new printed china and secretly, I like it too... I won't promis anything but maybe...

Wild house


Everytime I feel like a holiday or little break (but not going away too far) I go to Mr C's house. He lives in a small town near Utrecht in a little railroad house with the most amazing wild garden (aka nothing has been done to it in well... maybe 30 years?). I feel like being in the middle of nowhere there, even though it's in between a railroad and sawmill, you just don't notice cause it's so secluded. Mr C plays his guitar while I'm wandering through weeds ,wild pear and plum trees and intergrown rose bushes dreaming away of my own little cabin while hearing birds play high above.
When I'll be on a yogaholiday in about two weeks, Seb will stay at Mr C's, that lucky bunny...

Etsy Labs


Yesterday evening I teached a workshop at Etsy Labs (a colab with 101 woonideen mag.). We made 3D illustration boxes on the theme: 'I'm going on holiday and take with me...'

My group was a happy bunch form all over the Netherlands. Among them a few familiar faces; Lisa and her mum from Elle Aime, a former illustration-course student (Isabelle), Monique from 101 Woonideen magazine and Tarah from kitty darkness designs.
I also met the owners of these interesting Etsy shops:
Itty Pretty Birdy (by Inge)
+ Franje design (by Vera, who's a third year illustration student at the Breda Art school, you can find more about her here.)

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm, inspiring work and making my evening so much fun!
Update: read a sizzling report by 101 woonideeen magazine about the Etsy Labs here!


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Summer finally came round this weekend. A short boat trip, a sunset and a nice view.
Gent was very beautiful but I have to admit that the Gentse feesten were too crowded for me (which I've totally misjudged...) the above is more my cup of tea...

Free friday - Gentse Feesten

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The sun is finally shining, my bag is packed, I'm off to the Gentse Feesten (a cultural festival in Gent, Belgium). Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Moonrise sketches II

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More sketches on the Moonrise Kingdom/ scouts/ survival theme...



Yesterday I payed a visit to one of the shops that sell my DIY kits: Trunk (or BonBon Boutique). It's a collective that sells jewelry, hair accessories, postcards and all sorts of little gifts and goodies. The interiour is so beautiful! They used vintage cabinets to display the products, painted in neutral greys and beige.
Behind the counter is accessory maker Hye Yoo Mi (who's wearing one of her own makings in her hair). If you have Amsterdam plans any time soon, this is really cute shop to visite!

I also had coffee with my fave little illustration sister, Amy Marsh, I miss having her around in my studio. She recently graduated from art school and is now travelling europe before starting to work with Hallmark (yes, the cards!).

On top of all this goodness I found a 5 euro banknote on the street, it must have been my lucky day!
Update: I bought Amy and I cup of coffee with it ;-)



I've got a deal with my friend Ellen, every time I have my mums car at my disposal, we go to Laren (a little fancy town a half hour drive from Utrecht) to eat poffertjes. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, poffertjes are a sort of tiny pancakes, a typical dutch treat. They're yummy! You can order them plane, with sugar, with rum and more.

This particular Poffertjes Place is the oldest original one in our country, it's from 1875 (although it says 1837 on the facade). Do you see the tree trunk in the last picture? They build the whole pavilion around it!
Our waiter was so very friendly to pose with a steaming plate of poffertjes. I like his outfit, as if he just came from the 19th century in a time machine. They also don't write your order down but yell it across the pavilion to the bar and bakers (without being too loud). I love that old dutch atmosphere.

Moonrise kingdom


New sketch inspired by Moonrise Kingdom (or scouts and adventure). I got myself some survival and scout books to dive into the signs and atmosphere. It's pretty interesting!



Joost Gijzel asked me to print the 'foxes design' onto a Senz umbrella (the 'storm' umbrella). He asked several illustrators and designers to do this to a nice prototype collection. This is my version.

Gullivers Collection


My good friend Ellen Vesters asked me last saturday: 'wanna go to the opening of Gullivers Colletions?'. No idea what she was talking about but as I was just being lazy around the house, going to and art exhibition opening was a welcome change.

Turned out it was about a guy (Pet) who collects other peoples collections (wow, that's collecting stuff big scale!). He layed out a huge man, Gulliver, in a giant exhibition hall with all the things from the collected collections. We're talking McDonald happymeal boxes to postcards to action heroes to airplane vomit bags. You'd be amazed what people collect!
In between all these pieces were little remote control cars you could drive by logging on with you smartphone, to watch the collections up close.

It made me curious about why people collect so many things that seem worthless (at least in that amount) to others. Is it an artificial way of keeping control, organizing those huge collections? Or do they see beauty in these specific items, or in the amount, looking at them all together, the same item repeated in a slightly different shape or design? Or, does all this clutter replaces something that they miss in their lives?  How will know? Fact is that this exhibition is an interesting and impressive one!
For more info: go here.

Beans & Peas


I just harvested my first beans and peas. How cute are they, living in their cosy caps like little green babies. Especially the beans, every time I open one, I'm amazed by the soft inside of the caps, makes me think of a cosy fluffy bed. They taste very sweet too!

Free friday - back in the days

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Back in the days, at art school it was so great to have the freedom to experiment and try techniques and methods. I remember with figure drawing/ painting how free and open I felt to all the things I was learning. I miss that sometimes when having busy weeks with assignments. Luckily, there's some spare time ahead, I might go back to those experimenting days...

Healthy stuff

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Since last monday, after a week of 'working towards it', I'm doing a detox for the first time. This means, no dairy (or dairy products), no meat, no fish, no coffee, no alcohol and no smoking but I don't smoke so that's easy! I've always been a bit skeptical about detoxing, is it really healthy, isn't it just a 'hip thing', can my body handle this (specially because I've a chronic low blood sugar level), can I eat tasty things or will it all taste like 'too healthy'? BUT... I couldn't answer those questions if I didn't find out myself, so now I'm in day four of this 7 day detox. I'm following a detox by Kyra de Vreeze who wrote a handy book (in dutch) about it with, very important, a pretty layout! ;-) I'm enjoying (yes, I'm really enjoying) yummy shakes, juices, soups and little healthy snacks, all easy recipes from Kyra's book Daytox
I must say that I feel really good, not hungry or anything, and wonder how I look and feel (radiant skin, twinkles in my eyes?) when it's finished!


More new

Apart from the new china I posted about yesterday, I also designed some new Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes! A bear, cowboy and his pal and Mr & Mrs pigeon (cheering each other). You can check them out here.

Amy Ng from Pikaland gave a very interesting speech on the topic of design as a life long process at the One Academy and quess what?... She posted the whole speech on Pikaland for you to enjoy! Read and watch it here. 

New printed china!

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I know some of you have been waiting for this for a long time... and now it's finally here, new china in my webshop! I'll be listing some more later this week but for now you can find this little oil jug (my fave), mugs, tea bag holders and bowls. All items are one of a kind, have a look here!

Guest at Ellen Vesters'


Last friday I worked at Ellen Vesters' studio. It's so inspiring to work in another environment sometimes, instead of sitting behind my own computer. (Although, I could have done more sketches if we didn't have so much to chit chat about..;-)) My inspiration was sparked by my new fave movie, Moonrise Kindom. Oh those scout days... it brings me back to my childhood...

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