New revised DIY kits

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Now that the previous edition of the DIY kits is almost sold out (there're still a few Red versions for sale with a cute mole in love, perfect for Valentine's day), I thought it time to introduce the new and revised Red, Green and Blue DIY kits!

I've added some of the populair comfort boxes to the new DIY kits and hope you'll love them just as much as the previous versions.
You can find them in the comfort and peace shop section. Enjoy!

Jack and the beanstalk

Have you ever read the Revolting Rymes by Roald Dahl? I often use them in the assignments for my Illustration students. This time: Jack and the beanstalk. It's not the original goody-goody version but as you can expect from Mr Dahl, a bit more fierce (with even some violence towards Jack by his mother...).
My students translated scenes of the story into panorama boxes and these are the results. Can you imagine, they did this course for the first time!?

a little moment of gratitude

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There are lot's of thing to be thankful for but I tend to forget, being busy with every life.
Therefor, a little list...:

+ M's excellent meat-ball-cooking-skills (especially during cold winter days)
+ my son's laughter
+ our little black car, who brings us everywhere
+ we always have enough
+ plants growing ongoing
+ sleep
+ my bicycle never been stolen (so far)
+ central heating
+ E and S for being such fun Martini comrades ;-)
+ you for reading this, thank you!

Branch print

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This morning I felt like doing something not work-related but creative things, a little drawing and sketching for my own amusement (inspired by this blogpost at fine little day).

As it's brutely cold and bare outside, my ink drawings automatically turned out to be winter branches (ok, with a few lost leafs here and there bit still...) that I will call 'takkeprint' (sorry to international readers, this pun is a bit hard to translate into english).

I'm thinking about having them printed at

Luke Best's colorful work

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Let's start the weekend with some inspiring colorful illustration work!

This splash of color is the work of Luke Best, a london based illustrator who works for an impressive list of clienst like MTV, Diesel, The Guardian, BCC and Saatchi & Saatchi.
What I enjoy about his work is the combination of colored paper, scratchy pencil lines but also the contrast of the material and color use with not always cheerful subjects. Which makes his work quite intriguing.

You can find more of his work at
Have a good weekend!

Lasercut letter design for The Machinery

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I've got a fun (not so little) project on my hands: designing an alphabet for a new lasercut business soon to open it's doors.

Nine letters I've made so far, among them the C and Q. Every letter has an animal and/or nature theme and together they should make eye catching banners and decorations. They will be lasercutted out of wood or paper (depending on the customers request).

Now about this new lasercut business: M ( = Marc, my partner in life and crime) is starting The Machinery, a place where you can have your design lasercut online or even come to our engine room and try it yourself!

You might understand I'm very excited about this, soon I'll have my own lasercut service on demand, and you too! We expect to start all this goodness in the beginning of april. Stay tuned for more info later or subscribe to The Machinery newsletter!

NEW comfort box DIY kit with dog and sunny flowers

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Finally! A new DIY kit is available in my webshop!
It's called the DIY kit - yellow and includes tutorials and material for two Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes:
-one of a happy dog telling you 'you look wonderful today!'
-one box with sun flowers to thank someone grandly ('thanks a million!')

See the New DIY kit here!

Happy New Year SALE!

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While I'm in bed with the flu I'm dreaming about better ways to start the new year...

And what better way te celebrate the new year than to start with a SALE?
So, I'm now doing a superquick computer session and added a sale section to my webshop and write this little blogpost (... and back to bed).

I'm giving a 25% discount on the comfort box DIY kits in my Etsy shop, this means you get a tutorial and material for two boxes for only €7,95, hurray!
Go to the Sale section in the Kim's Little Monster shop to get your DIY kit. 

Happy new year, let's hope it will be a good one!

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