New Book - Designing Patterns

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On my trip to paper store Vlieger in Amsterdam I could not resist and hopped into the American Book Center. Of course I could not leave the store without a purchase... Meet the newest addition to my design book collectie:

Designing patterns by Lotta Kuhlhorn

It's an inspirational book about, you might have guessed.. pattern making. With how to's but also some background info about the designers life and work proces. Altogether a delightful book that will be on my coffee table for the next few weeks ;-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

A lazy afternoon

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Wednesday afternoon is James (our 10 months old son) and me time. Time to play, time off work. Because James sleeps a great deal of the afternoon, it's also me-time. So what am I doing? Having green jasmin tea with rosemary shortbread, reading a book and enjoying the plant that is finally flowering. 

Here I am again, back on the original blog!

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Hi there! After some changes, I am back on blogging, and also on this blog! A while ago (as you might know) I moved my blog to within my portfolio website. Unfortunately it came with a few hickups and now I've decided to pick things up here on the original blog.

As you might notice, this blog had a little make over ;-). One reason why I left this blog before was that blogger doesn't come with great design. But now I've found templates for blogger-blogs on Etsy! It was super easy to install it into my existing blog and I'm very happy with it (and my bankaccount is still happy too).

Curious? I bought my template at BloggerTemplate shop on Etsy but there are lots of other great template shops on Etsy.
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