summer sale in the etsy shop!!!

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Hellooooo Summerrrr!

Big sale in the Etsy shop! All previous season Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes are on sale as well as prints, wooden key chains  and... the online 2D to 3D illustration course!!!

For how long? Untill sold out or till my pregnancy leave by about mid august... so make sure to take advantage of it now!! ;-)

See the SALE section at

Kids room & birch tree felt leafs DIY

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Hey there, I'm back from redecorating the first floor of our home ;-).
It was a big shuffle as we had to redecorate and move about every room into another room. Also, I had to deal with some frustrations due to pregnancy issues (pelvic issues to be precise) and was not able to lift, paint or basically do anything (which I hate, I want to be part of the fun!) Luckily we had great help from my parents and M's dad and together with them we managed to get the thing done in less than two weeks.

J (a.k.a The toddler) will share the biggest bedroom with his little sister once she's born (or a few months after that) so we made them a toddler-and-baby-perfect shared bedroom. We moved J's birch tree to the new room and added some spring leafs to make it stand out. When J saw his 'pimped' birch tree he said: 'Mommy can do magic!!', which is about the best compliment I ever got! (Or is this my pregnancy hormones?)

Anyway, above a impression of what the kids room looks like and... below, the tutorial on the DIY leafs and birch tree:

 What you need
  • a birch tree (or part of it). We used the top part of a birch tree from my parents in law's front yard (they wanted to get rid of).
  • saw
  • 2 screws (and dowels if needed for your walls) + one long screw (about 7 cm)
  • drill and screwdrivers
  • felt in various green and ocre (or any other color you like)
  • elastic thread + needle
  • scissors

How it's done
1. Birch tree: 
Saw the top and bottom off so it is the hight of the room minus about 3 cm.
Place the tree in a big terracotta pot (no soil) and screw one branch to the wall and put one scew ascew into the top of the tree and ceiling.

2.Cut raindrop shapes in various sizes out of green and ocre yellow felt (or any other color you prefer). Thread the leafs (on the round side) like in the picture.

3.Tie the leafs on the branches of your tree and make sure to stretch the elastic thread a bit so it's firmly tied. Cut away any left over thread.

4. If you're really going for it: make different colored leafs/ tree decoration for every season!

Off line for a few days...

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A quick post to inform you that I'll be off line for about a 10 days (I'll still check my mail and run the Etsy shop but blogging will be on hold) as we're in the middle of redecorating a few rooms (including my work studio which will be moved to another room) in our house to make space for the little one we're expecting in september.

See you soon!

Helicopter Parenting for &-Katern

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This is the newest illustration I made for &-Katern (regiokranten Persgroep), about helicopter parents (parenting) who monitor their kids a bit to much... a fun subject to illustrate!

I'm a bit proud of this illustration as drawing people is always a tricky thing. But in this case  I'm very please with the result (and that is rare ;-) ).

New animals postcards set

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Just from the printer... a brand new animals postcard set!
It contains three postcards, one with a 'happy birthday' bear, a (bit grumpy) 'get well soon' cat and a 'hello my friend' bird.
The back is blank (only with my logo printed on the bottom, see the second picture).

All cards are offset printed on heavy cardstock (FSC, 340 grams wood free offset paper called: DigiGold Ice White).  I choose this paper because of the natural feel and bright white color, so the illustration is printed at it's very best.

The original illustration were made with pencil and watercolor, scanned into the computer and printed at a Dutch print company.

You can find this lovely set at !
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