I decided to subscribe to the Back to basic course by Jamie Shelman to get my
   inspiration going again. It started yesterday and I can tell's so nice to
   get assignments from someone else (instead of comming up with my own stuff),
   very refreshing! We're exploring geometric shapes...

Art does well

   This weekend was the opening of the Kunst Doet Goed exhibition and shop
   I participated in. It was so crowded that we had to wait for others to leave
   before we could go in. I ran into the talented dutch children's book illustrator
   Sanne te Loo, who was just buying one of my plates!

The Sebster

   Yesterday's doodles inspired me to make this poster... Needless to say I enjoyed
    myself :-) (Seb was a bit grumpy though...)

Daily Seb

   I'm trying to do a daily drawing of the Sebster... if he would only sit still...

Illustration course - Lino II


   The results from my second illustration class (monday).

Wood, berry, fish

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   Little inspiration, some creating...

   This book is on my wishlist...

Illustration course - Lino

   The first group of illustration students finished their lino prints! The assigment was
   to make a design on two randomly put together words, a thing or animal and an action.
   For example: 'blooming shoe' or ' expanding cabinet'.

windowsills II and some reflections

   Oh dear, I feel a bit guilty for neglecting you guys. I haven't been posting to much
   lately have I? But this is why:

   I've been working so hard the last, well frankly two years, that I feel a bit run down
   in creativity (the etsy shop and making all those products has been a bit overwelming
   too, delicate flower that I am ;-). I'm struggling with finding my 'spark' again and
   figuring out which way to go. In this part of my carrier (oh my, I've got one) where
   things are up and running fine, I feel the need to step back and reflect on my path.
   I'd like to go back to 'really' illustrating instead of producing. To do this I need to make
   some space and time. Last week I went on a yoga weekend at the seaside which was
   lovely but confronted me with a horrible neck ache, which ironically made me even
   fysically feel stuck, haha! Interesting how the body reflects mental obstructions...

   Anyway, I'm thinking about going on a little trip, maybe to do some more yoga or
   something like an artist in residenceship. Because I'm also teaching (which I love!) it's
   a bit hard to find the time for a week or two off, but I'll do my very best to find it,
   probably somewhere in januari. I also plan on doing a little course or workshop to get
   my creativity going without me having to let the motivation come out of myself all the
   time, but just go with assignments from someone else (in this case, I'm thinking about
   an online course from Jamie Shelman, who's also a teacher at Camp Pikaland).

   Sound like a good plan? In the mean time I will be posting on the blog again, as I did
   miss doing that on a daily basis and the contact with you guys that comes with it!
   Of course the shop will stay open, especially now that the holidays are coming up.
   Fortunately, I had some help from a very good friend who, with his crafty skills,
   assisted me in making ICPB's, thanks Chris!.
   Wow, this has become a long story... Thanks for listing to/ reading my mind bubbles
   and sticking with me!

Italian Glamour


   When my work is featured (even tiny), I still have that 'WOW people see my stuff'
   feeling. This time it's in the Italian Glamour, hurray! It's so funny to see the
   instant comfort pocket box translated to italian ('comforto istantaneo').

Hans Christian Andersen

   Did you know that Hans Christian Andersen made absolutely beautiful papercuts
   (as I discovered when reading uppercase magazine)?
   The story goes that he would tell a tale and meanwhile cut a paper figure to unfold
   at the end. I wish I could go back in time to be in his audience... You can find more
   examples of his papercuts here.

The christmas cards

   The new Christmas cards came in last friday! They're available in my shop as a
   package of 6 (3 of each design).
   After many requests I also decided to make the 'Proud teapot' print into a greeting
   card (including envelope), you can find it here.



   How nice to have this little break! So much time to do things I always wanted to do
   and to find inspiring new things:

   + cake I made for a friend who turned 30
   + I discovered Henrietta Swift's work, love! (found the stickers at gutenappetit)

Time out

   After all the exhibition parties and product making, we need a little time out. So if I'm
   not posting as much the next few weeks as I usually do, you know why... me and Seb
   are reloading our creativity!

   A few more things:
   + the shop is still open, no worries!
   + The first newsletter will be out by the end of this week! So if you haven't subscribed
       (in the menu bar on the right) yet, this is the time!
   + I like this for some low key creativity
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