Sketchbook project 01

   Today I started the first drawing in my sketchbook-project-sketchbook. I'm
   exploring structures and geometric translations of everyday things around me
   (in this case: flowers and leafs).


   Finally I can tell you what I've been working on for the past few weeks! I showed
   you a little sneak about a month ago, remember? Well... I'll be a online teacher at
   Camp Pikaland!!!  I've been working on a 4 week workshop, starting in september,
   about taking illustration beyond the 2D. So if you wanna learn to make those 3D
   diorama boxes, techniques, tips & trics and more, go and subscribe here!


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   Yesterday one of my friends brought me this humongous zuccini from their
   veggie garden (WOW, it's even bigger than my forearm)! I also discovered
   a wonderful blackberry bush just across my street.
   I'm thinking blackberry pie.....

Help and Leah Duncan


   Ever since I got a tiny electric shock from the Elecro Junior childrens game when
   I was a kid, I don't really like doing the electricity stuff around the house myself.
   So today friend B came to help me with fixing the lights (thanks B!). Needless to
   say it's great to have someone doing this for you (and looking handsome at the
   same time ;)).

   Today I also received the tea towel I ordered from Leah Duncan. It's so pretty that
   I won't use it in the kitchen but framed it on my wall instead. Tomorrow I'll be
   throwing a small dinner party so I'm happy lights are up and walls are decorated!

Cutting edges

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   I bought a lovely book a while ago and haven't had the time to show you jet cause
   of all the moving business, but... here it is: Cutting Edges - contemporary collage!
   There are so many lovely works of art in there, it's a bit overwhelming ;)


   Cause I have insanely much kitchen stuff (machines, bakeware and more) and my
   new kitchen is a bit small I needed a new cupboard. I found a great vintage fifties
   style kitchen cabinet and all my treasured kitchen supplies fit in there!
   Seb (the bunny, do you see his head above the table? ) was more interested in the
   flowers though. He knows very well the table is a 'forbidden area' but he kept trying

I'm in Computer Arts Magazine!

   I am very proud to show you this: my first official 'printed' feature, in
   Computer Arts Magazine!

New home

   I moved! It was way more relaxed then I though it would be, the whole thing was
   done within 3 hours. Now the real work starts... painting and decorating. I started
   with buying some flowers and plants yesterday to spice things up a bit. Luckily the
   weather was on my side and I had a little lunch on my balcony. This new place
   already feels like a soft and warm jacket, very comfy!


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   These are the colors I have in mind for my new home. Most walls will be white
   but here and there some soft colors combined with a splash (maybe for a chair or
   stool?) of bright greenish yellow inspired by my stapler, could be nice...
   Now I'm off to get some boxes!

Birth announcement cards online!

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   A few weeks ago I posted about the birth announcement cards I was
   designing for Lief leuk & Eigen.  Now they're available online! You
   can find them here (Mels, Naut, Charlie and Indy)!



   I wanted to announce one winner for the postcard give away but accidently
   grabbed two pieces of paper out of the jug, so.... I think it's only fair to have
   TWO winners: Anki and Ole! Please email me your address and the postcard
   set will come your way.

   Also, thanks to everyone for joining in on the give away and the nice comments
   on my 'move post'!


   The last few days I've been stressing to arrange my move to a new home.
   Did you know it's very hard to find a company that can do the job on
   sunday for a fair price? I've finally found one who will and, with the help
   of some friend I think we can pull it off! To release some stress I just had to
   bake some cookies (and also ate almost all)...

   This week I'll do some last packing and DIY jobs so if I'm not posting as
   often as I usually do, you know why... (but I'll do my very best to keep up!)
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