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Here I am, back from maternity leave but... struggling to start working again...

Where work life after giving birth to my son three years ago seemed easy (he slept a lot + my husband was home a lot too), now with our little girl it feels a lot harder. Not only because there's also our toddler running around (although I must say he's a very very sweet big brother to Lieve) but also because Lieve has reflux (a condition where baby's vomit a lot which causes a painful gullet).

We've been to a Osteopath with her and this helped a lot. Since then the sleeps more, we can lay her down (before I had to sit up with her all the time) and she mostly sleeps through the night.
The whole process during the past weeks has wore me down though.

That said, I really like working again but find it hard to find the time and peace to do my work poperly and in a non-stressed way (working from home is not ideal at this stage).
Therefore I will prolong my blog break for a while. I will post on Facebook and Instagram though. Hope to see you there! :-)

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