what to do with the blog?

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Since 2007 I've been a blogger. First a more 'sketchbook focussed blog', later a blog about my work as an illustrator, arts teacher, diy-er and personal life: this blog.
Lately I've come to a point where I feel a bit uninspired blog wise... and I wonder, should I stop blogging and just focus on my instagram account and facebook page?
Somehow, posting on 3 different media, working as a teacher and doing commisioned illustration work (+ being a mother of two young children) has become a bit too much...

I still feel uncertain about wether to blog or not to blog (hehe) and am not ready to absolutely quit this humble space online. Therefor I will take a break, as a little test to see if I can do without blogging.

In the mean time, I do hope to see you on instagram (@kimslittlemonsters)or facebook

workshop short story illustration

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Curious about your drawing talents? Always wanted to illustrate a story? Just want to learn illustration skills? Then I've got some news for you: I'll be teaching a one-day-workshop in november about how to illustrate your own short story!

We'll depict the theme 'an ordinary day' in a little folding book, using ink and collage. You'll learn about composition, creating depth and movement in an illustration and we will also focus on how to tell a (visual) story in an clear and - very important - enthralling way.
At the end of the day you have made your own little booklet!

The workshop is suitable for both beginners as more experienced students and will be teached at Cultuurhuis Wherelant in Purmerend (about 15 km from Amsterdam) on sunday november 12th.

You can find more information or subscribe at the Wherelant website.
Or come to the open house at september 10th from 13.00 till 16.00!


In één dag je eigen boekje maken en illustreren
Het thema is ‘een gewone dag’, waarbij je een gebeurtenis uit je eigen dagelijkse leven gaat illustreren. Aan bod komen dingen als: hoe deel je een beeld in (compositie), hoe creëer je diepte en beweging, hoe vertel je je verhaal duidelijk en boeiend en hoe maak je een boekje spannend en afwisselend om naar te kijken.
We maken een beeldverhaal d.m.v. een combinatie van collage en tekenen in een harmonica-boekje. We gebruiken oost-indische inkt en ecoline (zwart/wit met 1 steunkleur).
De workshop is geschikt voor zowel beginners als meer gevorderde tekenaars.

Voor meer informatie  of om je in te schrijven ga je naar de Wherelant website
Of kom naar de open dag op 10 september van 13.00 - 16.00!
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