Hooray, we finished the kids' and baby t-shirts today! We made two different
   prints on t-shirts and onesies: 'Oscar the pig' (with his ties for every occasion)
   and 'Vernon the gardening squirrel' (growing his own forest). They'll be in the
   Etsy shop soon... keep you posted!



   Found this while browsing through some old stuff from when I was a fashion designer...;)


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   One of my friends lives in the most amazing old factory. The living area is upstairs
   but there's also huge halls downstairs (great for playing tennis), corridors and other
   interesting rooms, features and colors. It's such an inspiring place!


   May I introduce... a fresh collection of Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes!
   You can find these 5 newbies in my Etsy shop, here.

Screen printing

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   Screenprinting kids' tshirts was a bit harder then I thought. I have screen printed
   before but this time I wanted 3 colors, which means a lot of measuring and matching.
   We did the first two layers of the first print (I've got 2) today and will (hopefully)
   finish both prints next week.

New china...

   As promised yesterday, here a picture of the first new china pieces I made with Amy.
   This is only the beginning as we have about eight times this amount waiting to be

   Still a few spots left at the illustration workshop I'm teaching online at 
   Camp Pikaland! You can subscribe HERE.

House warming food

   Had a little house warming this weekend... and made some snacks.
   Me and Amy started with the china... more about that tomorrow!

Little peak

   A little sneak peak of the illustrations me and Amy made yesterday...


   These little clay creatures are on a wall at home. They were made by an 8 year old,
   kids always make the greatest art, don't you think?
   We also made a new stock of brooches and knobs at the studio today.



   Added some extra pages to my sketchbook-project-sketchbook...

Vernon Squirrel

   Amy and I are sketching for kids' tshirt prints. There is a squirrel involved
   called Vernon...



   The last three weeks I've been looking after a friends veggie garden that
   produces a huge amount of zucchini's. Today, again, I left with 4 very large
   ones (about 3 kilo each, I'm not kidding!) thinking: what to do with these?
   As I sort of forced the previous ones on all my friends (which resulted into a
   zucchini party) I was looking for new victimes... While cycling home I came
   across this beautiful house where the owners were working in the garden.
   I drove up to the fence and asked if they'd fancy a zucchini. Luckily they
   did and even better, they offered to trade for apples and pears out of their  
   orchard! A huge apple/pear pie is in my oven, right now... YUM!

   There's an interview with me on Pikaland about the 4 week workshop I'll 
   teach at camp pikaland in september! Read it here
   And also one on Dutch Handmade, you can find it here.

Fave things

   These little treasures survived a lot of new homes over the years. It's all
   stuff I found, bought or was given to me. The little planes were made by my dad
   as a kid. My newest asset is the enamel teapot I found at a sale in Utrecht.

china, china and more china

   Amy (the intern) and me went on a roadtrip to different secondhand shops around
   Utrecht and came back with a big amount of porcelain china. It will be printed
   this month with brand new illustrations and hopefully I can show you a new
   printed china series in september when it will be for sale in the Etsy shop!


   A drawing of some hollyhocks I made a few weeks ago. I'd really love to have
   one of these in my little city garden next year.
   Tomorrow my new intern starts! Her name is Amy and she's a third year student
   at the Manchester School of Art. You can have a little peak at her work here...

City garden


   My new home has some pretty plain walls at the front, so today I made a little
   'doorstep garden' a.k.a city garden for those of us who don't have a 'real' one.
   I took away a couple rows of bricks and filled the hole with soil. It took about
   two hours work and was really fun to do. The plants have to grow some more
   but eventually it'll look like a little piece of paradise (I hope). I'm also growing
   some edible plants there and on my balcony, which resulted in a tasty salade...

Working on...



   Oooh...Parade... how I long for you all summer and how sad to see you go!
   For those of you not familiar with this little theater festival 'De Parade', it's the
   most wonderful festival touring around Holland during summer! You can visite
   small theater shows (the actors sell the cards themselves and walk around to
   enthuse people to come to their show), enjoy yourself in the caroussel (also for
   adults, I'm not kidding this thing really makes you fly high), bake your own  
   poffertjes (sort of tiny dutch pancakes) or just hang out with a beer and
   enjoy the scenery.
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