I was taking a stroll around my neighbourhood the other day and was a bit
   mollified by how people decorate their windowsills...



   Yesterday was the official opening of the Spring! Exhibition with Princess Maxima.
   We had a little chat about my work and yes, I was very nervous ;-). She was very
   lovely though and said my Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes would make great gifts
   (and that my style was so sweet)! The exhibiton was beautifully designed and I feel
   so very honoured to be part of it. The wall at the back is designed by Nike and I love
   how beautiful and stylish it looks. Also great thanks to Designer Marjolein van
   Puffelen of Nike (in the first picture on the left) to invite me to join her in this
   exhibition as a 'young talent'!

   There's also a little video on YouTube here about the princess' visite to the DDW
   (and check me out at 2:34 minutes!).

  One more thing I feel proud about: my house and work is featured on Bloesem!


   Yesterday, I bought this beautiful paper at Vlieger, my favorite paper and supply
   shop in Amsterdam. The ones on the left and in the middle are by Sanna Annukka,
   the right piece is from the Grafika series, all from nineteenseventythree.



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   As mentioned before, Camilla Engman is doing an open call for portraits of Morran,
   her cute little dog, for a new book. All profit goes to charity, which idea I love, so of
   course I had to contribute! Fingers crossed my illustration (the picture above is a
   detail of the whole picture) makes it into the book!

5 Questions to... Leah Duncan

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   A while ago I bought a beautiful teatowel by the fabulous Leah Duncan. 
   It was so pretty that I couldn't get myself to use it so now it's in a frame on 
   my wall. I've been following Leah's work ever since and am very proud to 
   announce that now you can read this interview with her on my blog! 

   Can you tell a little bit about who you are and what you do?
   I’m an illustrator, surface pattern, and textile designer. I live in Austin with 
   my husband, our dog Oslo, and our two cats Prince and Mr. Lucy. I sell my 
   work online as well as in boutiques internationally and work with other 
   retailers to produce goods using my work. I love pink, sweet tea, sunshine, 
   and anything that is 100% linen.

   What or who inspires you?
   I am inspired by nature, my surroundings in east Austin, the smaller moments 
   in my life, and relationships. I’m also an animal lover, so I often use them in 
   my work. I love giving them personality and relating them to each other, their 
   environment, and life in general. Color is also a huge inspiration and may be 
   the single most important part of my compostitions.

   What does your work process look like, any specific techniques or 
   combination of techniques you prefer?
   My work always starts on paper with an ink pen. Then everything is scanned 
   into illustrator for coloring. I sometimes use collage or gouache if I’m in the 
   mood for something a little more organic. I also machine stitch my work from time to 
   time to add a little bit of texture.

   How do you promote your work and do you have a 'best tip'?
   The best thing I’ve ever done is join Etsy. It’s been the single best way for 
   people, bloggers, and editors to find my work. I do craft shows from time 
   to time and have just started to attend larger tradeshows for licensing my 
   work. Other than that, I think the most important tip I can give is to just 
   keep at it, find your style, and don’t be afraid to put yourself ot there.

   What would be your dream assignment?
   I’d love to illustrate an album cover for Arcade Fire! Other than that, my
   dreams are coming true every day.  I’m very lucky to make a living doing 
   what I love and I’ve had so many “dream” opportunities come my way. Just 
   seeing my work out there puts a smile on my face.

   If you'd like to see more... visite Leah Duncan's website, blog, webshop 
   or Etsy shop!
   Thanks so much Leah, for your time and for making such lovely work!


   Since I hand printed the fabric for the little chair with stamp technique, I'm hooked.
   Today I did this pillow case for the bedroom.

   There're also new ICPB's in the shop (christmas and 'normal' versions)... And now,
   I'm finally going outside as I've been indoors all day and the weather is sunny and
   lovely autumny (is that a word?).

Rob Ryan - Book


   Yesterday my a new book arrived: 'You can still do a lot with a small brain' about
   the work of Rob Ryan. Although in the beginning I was nog particularly blown
   away by the lay out design, I'm very excited about Ryan's work and the peek into
   his studio and way of working.

   About the christmas cards, thank you all so much for your helpful comments!
   After ready every comment it suddenly struck me: I'm not happy with either of
   them! The why was well pointed out by jamie says dream (thanks!)...I want it not
   to be traditional looking but somehow it is, and that's not what I'm looking for...
   I'll start over... :-)

What do you think?


   Which version of these two christmas cards do you think is best, A, B or C?
   I've been looking at it all day and just can't make a decision!


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   Working on christmas cards...
   Camilla Engman has an open call for Morran pictures for a book about Morran (her
   cute little dog)!


   Before the weekend I promised to reveal some big news (no, it's wasn't the post
   about chirstmas). Well... Before you guys get all excited, this is mostly big news
   to me but I want to share my excitement about it with you...
   Here in Holland, there's a big event every year around october called
   The Dutch Design Week. It's an international exhibition and alround design event
   in Eindhoven. Because it's celebrating the 10 year anniversary, there will be an
   extra exhibiton called 'Spring!' (which means 'Jump' in dutch) in the Designhuis.
   15 International well known designers will show their best work but... they were
   also asked to recommend a young designer to exhibit with them. And now the
   big one: a designer at Nike recommended me, woooohhaaaa!!! I'm so excited and
   feel very, very flattered! My porcelain china and Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes
   will be there, 'live' on display! (I've been producing my ass off last weekend!)
   The opening of the Spring! expo will be on the 24th and guess what, Princess
   Maxima (who's married to the future dutch king) will open the expo :-) Hurray!

Christmas on my mind...

   I know this may sound a bit premature but I'm preparing for christmas! This is the
   first christmas-themed Instant Comfort Pocket box of many, available in my Etsy shop
   around the end of this month!

Kids china set

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   This kid's china set will be available (soon) at Monoshop, one of the new online
   shops that'll sell my work.
   I've also got some great news to tell you guys (I'm quite proud about it), but...
   after the weekend! Have a lovely weekend everyone :-)


   This chair used to be covered with an ugly blue pluche fabric... I re-covered it with
   my handprinted fabric made last week! (Apologies for the crappy picture. The light
   in my house was quite dark today and as I'm a bit ill, I didn't feel like taking it
   outside... but I wanted to share it with you anyway!).

Pikaland workshop

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   The four week workshop at Camp Pikaland has finished (but no worries... you can
   still subscribe, from now on it'll come in self-study form). The picture above is
   one of the results of the second 3D assignment in the course (don't worry I didn't
   ask my students to build a house, it's about the illustrations on it ;-). It's made by
   Denise and I wish I had a garden house like that!

New Page

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   A new page in the sketchbook project-sketchbook!
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