Free friday - Walk

Since the weather has improved the last few days, I've taken smal and bigger walks through the city and surrounding landscape. Yesterday I went to a small town near Utrecht where Mr C lives and we had such a nice walk and picnic with cherries from a local farmer. I also came across the cheeky fella above... do you see his face?

Platform BK

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   Yesterday, I went to the launch of the Platform Beeldende Kunst
   (Platform for visual arts) at the W139 gallery in Amsterdam. 
   The idea was sparked by the devastating cuts in the art and cultural 
   budget by the dutch government last year.
   In the Platform's own words:
   'We firmly believe in the necessity to formulate a new vision on the 
   role of art and culture in our society, and think the cultural world 
   should take the lead in articulating this vision. We strive to examine, 
   define and actively circulate the significance of art from the perspective 
   of its makers.'
   I was very impressed by the professional way they organized and 
   presented the Platform BK. It really makes sense to unite as artists 
   and address the government and society with one strong artistic voice.
   There were a few interesting speeches held by artists or -collabs. 
   Among them the impressive girls from Spanonymous, who rent out 
   well designed banners which facilitate a visual culture for dissent. 
   Anyone who's protesting the position of the dutch (minority) cabinet 
   may use them in their demonstrations.
   I'd like to ask you, if you're a visual artist or creative person who 
   considers art to be important and necessary to society, have a look at 
   the website to get more information of what they stand for and if you 
   believe in this as I do; become a member and support this good initiative!

Out of the box - out with a bang!

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   Remember the seminar I teached with Sue Doeksen at the HKU? I can
   finally show you the results!
   The assignment was to explore shape while listening to specific music
   with a theme in mind (anthropology, geography and alchemy).
   These experiments were made into gif animations. You can watch the
   moving images here.

Free Friday - winner

   And the winner of last week's postcard give away is...
   Please email me your address so I can send the postcards to you!
   Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on the postcards and Seb :-)

   Mr C made this darling photo of Seb when he (Seb) was staying 
   with him while I was visiting a friend in Tel Aviv... Seb always 
   sneaks away when I'm trying to make a photo (with an irritated 
   look on his snout) Mr C got plenty shots, I wonder what his secret is?

I love Gemma


    There's noting (well, almost nothing) that make me laugh more than 
    Gemma Correll's whimsical drawings. She seems to capture life in all 
    it's facets in her simple but clever and funny characters.
    She's a busy lady too with a website, blog, flickr, shop, daily diaries,
    sketchbook, Etsy shop and facebook page... wow!

and breath...

   After some pretty hectic weeks, I've got finally time to relax a bit...
   And what's better than having a coffee with bitterballen (dutch hearty
   snacks) with friends?

First harvest

   Harvest time has begun in the veggie garden! Lettuce, chinese cabbage,
   sorrel, spinach and young chard leaves made me a yummy salade.

Artibus prize

   At the end of every schoolyear, the Utrecht Center for the Arts (where
   I'm teaching Illustration courses) is rewarding a few students with the
   Artibus prize for best work, including the kids.

   This year I was part of the jury. There were so many interesting and beautiful
   things made, it was hard to pick just one in every category. One of my
   favorites was a kid's carcoal drawing of her dog. She managed to capture the
   very significan 'lazy-dog-look' wonderfully!

   One of the winners among the adults made the very interesting painting in
   the last photo, I couldn't stop looking at it.

   Update: the last painting is made by student Gerard Meeder.

Free friday - give away


   I had new postcards printed (FSC paper and eco ink) and to celebrate I'll give
   away a free set! One of them you already know: the little sleeping fox.
   The other one is a cute portrait of a bunny rabbit with fancy bow tie (it's the
   striking image of Seb don't you think?). The set includes two of each card,
   four in total. Leave a comment below and you might be the lucky one I pick
   next friday (june 22)!

   If you're not the lucky one... they're available in my shop too (in sets of two cards).

Gift wrapping

   It's one of my friends birthday today and I'm wrapping all sorts of little
   gifts to make a big basket of goodies... 

Etsy NL

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   Marta, who's manager of the Dutch Etsy department, organised a dinner to
   brainstorm for new plans for Etsy NL. It was a true feast with more yummy
   dishes than I could eat!
   Marta made most of it herself but ordered a few things from dutch Etsy shops:
   Vegan chocolats by Happyherbi and chutneys from The Collse Garden.

   I met a lot of interesting other shop owners too, like:
   + Nataliya and Menno from 1001 vintage
   + Babette from Broesj
   + Annabel from Secondhand Sandy
   + Ivo from Shapedad
   + Caro from Honoriginal
   + Annemarie from Dertig December
   + Simone from Mooi Vintage
   + and of course Marta who owns two shops: Martice and Martice Supplies

   Thanks to Marta!


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   Now that Sandra Juto and Camilla Engman are posting about plants, I suddenly
   feel like green (and pink) friends too! A good excuse for a little trip to the garden

Free friday

   Did you know that on the first thursday night of the month you can go to the
   Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven (NL) for free? I was there yesterday to visite 
   the Rene Daniels exhibition along with a lecture about the influence 
   of music on art and vice versa. I can recommend the exhibition as well as the 
   beautiful and inspiring museum interior itself! (And I forgot my camera...)

   More and more musea have a 'free moment' like this. The Central Museum in 
   Utrecht has a free entrance on tuesday mornings. 
   It's worth to check this out at the musea in your city!

Margriet Magazine


   I'm working on some illustrations for Margriet Magazine (dutch magazine for
   women). Here the first sketches...

HKU - week

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   I'm teaching a seminar at the HKU (the art school in Utrecht) with Sue Doeksen.
   The illustration students are exploring shape inspired by music and a theme.
   Tomorrow they will hit the photo studio and with those results, make small
   looped animations.

Hooi Night

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   There's this lovely lunchroom/ cafe in my neighbourhood called Hooi (hay).
   I often go for a drink and meanwhile work on my computer, enjoying the nice
   atmosphere and great food (mostly from local suppliers) at this little place.

   Once in a while they host a Hooi Night with art, music, theater and good food.
   Tomorrow is one of those nights and I'll be making custom Instant Comfort Pocket
   Boxes for every visitor. It all takes place at a cute garden/alotment nearby the cafe.
   If this sounds like your cup of tea (and you live in the Netherlands)you can still
   subscribe here. Would be great to meet you there tomorrow!

   ps. Did you know they also have fantastic picnic-sets to enjoy in the nearby park?
   Photo's by Hooi

Free friday... uhm...saturday

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   Oh dear, I totally forgot to post a free friday post yesterday...sorry! These last few
   weeks before summer break are extremely busy so 'free' is hard to find. I've been
   busy with planning a week seminar for the art school in Utrecht with Sue Doeksen.
   Also making piles and piles of instant comfort boxes for a little art& food event
   upcoming tuesday, illustrations for a new client and helping the Utrecht Center
   for the Arts with organizing their share in Het Uitfeest (a big cultural event) in
   The last lessons of my illustration courses where this week too. My friday students
   finished their illustrations on a text about 'how to comfort', pretty nice stuff don't
   you think?
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