I made Motivation-kits today for two of my more advanced illustration students.
   The idea is to write down two goals for every week and also to write down the
   'crap-excuses' that pop up in your head and hold you back. In that way you get more
   insight in your way of thinking and working. By setting only two goals, you make
   it feasable for yourself which makes you more motivated and confident to do more!
   The kit includes a notebook, a tutorial and reward-stickers.

New portrait pins..

   Again, some new portrait pins: Joan, Bubba, Megan and Ben. I also added new
   postcards to my shop, with illustrations from the porcelain series.

Free Mini Expo - Utrecht

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   The last FME's where put up in Utrecht yesterday. Do you recognize the three spots?
   (And there are two more I didn't photograph.)

Good Luck Pass 2011

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   I found a little present in my mailbox this morning... A Good Luck Pass (and activity
   card) for 2011 by Sue Doeksen.  Thank you Sue!

And the winner is...


Congratulations! Can you mail me your address, so I can send the free mini expo to you?

I love this and this!

Free Mini expo 09

   I made new Free Mini Expo's, edition 09 (only 8 copies).
   Two of them were put up in Arnhem. (Look for them in a very fashionable area...).
   Five of them I'll hang up in Utrecht, next week. And one... is for you!
   Leave a comment, I'll pick one randomly and maybe you are the lucky one...

'Illustration on porcelain' workshop

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   Remember the 'Illustration on porcelain' workshop I gave a few weeks ago? This is one
   of the results, made by Lotte Emeis (whose also talented boyfriend playes in a very
   nice upcoming band).


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   Drawing some faces for new portrait pin inspiration...

Portrait pins

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   I decided to add my portrait pins to my Etsy shop. Five caracters so far: Coco, Boris,
   Oscar, June and Aurelia

Empty pockets

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   A collection of sewing needles found in one of my grandmothers sewing boxes.

Something for the weekend


   Ah baking.... (imagine me dreaming away), how relaxing after a stessfull week.
   Following a recipe, adding some personal changes, stir, knead the doug, it's so calming.
   The result: coconut-choco mountains, cinnamon roll scones, and pistachio chocolates. 


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  Oh how I love getting mail, especially when it's so nice as the little treasures I recieved
  today (even though I ordered them myself).
  A lovely book by Claire Loder (and some postcards with a handwritten message
  which makes it extra special) and a lambswool comb by Donna Wilson (again with a
  personal note, I love that extra touch!). So thanks to both!

Illustration course

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   The illustration course I teach at the UCK started a new season yesterday. The first
   lesson I always give an assignment about letting go of (self)criticism and control.
   First we made  blind contour drawings of jugs and jars. Then they were cut up and
   made into new objects.


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   Sometimes I get caught up in commisioned-work-style and forget to play. I plan on 
   playing more, I think it could be good for me...

Paint, glue and paper


More books...

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   Again... more books, my latest assets:

   + A vintage atlas of the world (used to belong to my grandmother), very handy
      now that one of my best friends just moved to Suriname for three months.
   + Who is sleeping on my pillow, by the artist couple Jockum Nordstrom and Karin
      Mamma Andersson. Beautiful, beautiful paintings and collages, they have such
      good colour sense!
   + Decorative art of the 50s, just a good desk book.

Mail for Sandra 2

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   This is what I send Sandra Juto... (also see this post).
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