Stamp carving workshop

   Yesterday I went to Rotterdam to do a stamp carving workshop at Elle Aime.
   The workshop was given by Tarah and Kris of Kitty Darkness designs. Let me
   tell you, I'm hooked! Carving your own stamp is so much fun, a bit difficult
   too, but still, so much fun! Lisa of Elle Aime also did a great job hosting the
   workshop at her cute little shop, she even baked brownies!
   She's also giving a new workshop 'making jewelry' on juni 19. You can find
   more info here.

Lino cut result


   Wednesday was unfortunatley the last lesson of the season for my illustration course...
   but, beautiful things were made! My students finished the lino block prints. The theme
   was 'favorite food'.


   Do you know Julie Adore? Well, she is a lovely designer from Paris who makes
   dolls, crochet veggies and more, more, more! We decided to join our forces and
   make a package with a porcelain radish brooch (by me) and a crochet radish
   (by Julie) to sell in her and my shop. Today I designed the package label. The
   idea is to fold it (horizontal) in the middle and attach it to a little transparant bag.

Birth announcement card no 1

   First result of the birth announcement cards sketches! (And a little hommage to
   the new born cutie of one of my friends!)

Things I bought on Etsy

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   You all know I'm an etsy seller rigth? Well, I also like buying things on Etsy! I just
   love the fact that everything is handmade with love and care by someone across the
   globe. This is what I bought recenlty...

   MT washi tape from Pretty Tape
   Necklace gold/ black moss by Edor

Lino cut


   My students are making lino prints of their favorite food. The image will be printed
   with two colors, all from one block (the so called 'reductive' print method). In the
   pictures the first color print... I'll show you the results next week!

Sketches birth announcement cards

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   A few sketches of new birth announcement cards I'm designing for Lief leuk en Eigen.
   I'll show you the results somewhere next week...

   Love this little jacket found at sodapop-design (who's also featuring my ICPBs,
   thanks!) and made by littlegoodall.



   I'm a bit stressed out... The products in my Etsy shop (and some of my stuff in other
   shops) sell so well that I can't keep up with making new things! (Don't get me wrong,
   I'm not complaning about the fact that people like and buy my work, thank you
   thank you thank you! But days go by so quickly without me finding the time to work
   on new stuff) Maybe I should split me in two and hire myself (if only... ;)

   This vintage letterbox was a gift from a friend who makes wonderful music!

Brooches by Sanne

   This are some of the brooches my intern Sanne Dikken made today. Aren't they
   beautiful? I'm a proud mama ;)

In the wilds

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   Bought a beautiful new book yesterday, In the wilds by Nigel Peake, an illustrator
   from Ireland. I've been a fan for a while and am so happy that I found this book!
   It's full of amazing structured and delecate illustrations inspired by the artists'
   observations of rural life.

Elle Aime


   Yesterday I delivered new stock at Elle Aime, a new shop at ROTABS in Rotterdam.
   The lovely owner Lisa, was working very hard to get everything ready for the opening
   on may 15th and I got a little sneak peak at all the lovely items she'll sell...

   I also added some new stuff to my own shop, like: porcelain brooches and
   porcelain knobs.
   And for those of you who requested, new Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes!

Porcelain brooches

   Finally finished the new porcelain brooches I've been working on! They are hand
   made and printed with 'veggie garden' illustrations. Tomorrow I'll bring them to
   Elle Aime, a new shop in Rotterdam that will sell lots of my work (porcelain china,
   postcards, prints, pins, brooches and more). I'm very excited about it!


   Remember the Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes? Well, I've been making ICPB - DIY  -
   kits! The kits include material and tutorial for two different boxes. I'll let you know
   where you can buy them, soon!

Blocks and shapes

   I'm collecting wooden blocks and shapes lately. I bought 4 boxes of blank blocks and
   one with colored shapes at the flee market. A good friend gave me the one with the
   beautiful black cover (thanks Lotte!). Don't know why (jet) but I just feel a purpose
   will come up... Any ideas on what to make with these?



   A little fieldtrip to Arnhem today... more specific to: Het Paradijs,  a little shop run
   by three illustrators, Esther, Els and Maaike who sell accesories and illustrations...
   a true paradise! They not only sell wonderful items like printed leather bags,
   purses, socks, postcards and china but also have their own work place at the back so
   you'll get a glimbs right into the 'kitchen' where all these goodies are made.
   Little dog Lotta feels right at home within this creative fibe. I can only say: go and
   pay this great shop and friendly ladies a visit! And for those of you who aren't as
   fortunate to live nearby, they also have a webshop!

Wrapping paper

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   Remember the new sketches? I started making new things with this like
   printable wrapping paper with flowers and leafs for the shop.


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   Today, my first intern ever, started to work at my studio! Her name is Sanne and
   she is a third year student at the art school in Utrecht. She'll be working with me
   for a month. She brought in cookies (in a lovely package) which is always a
   good way to start!

Cake and more new china


   Ginger almond cake with chocolate orange zest topping, for a relaxed sunday...
   I also added more new porcelain china to the etsy shop, plates, cups, a teapot
   and more!
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