La Maison Victor

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Yesterday I was browsing through the Bruna (Dutch magazine and bookshop) and found La Maison Victor. A (belgian) sewing and knitting magazine with a modern and inspiring lay out and styling and, most important: great modern (not too complicated) sewing patterns!! Finally a magazine that designs clothes I really do want to wear without altering.

And it gets better... it contains not only clothes patterns (and knitting patterns) for me but also for kids and husbands (or boyfriends in my case). I instantly rushed to A.Boeken, my fave sewing supplies shop in Amsterdam and choose a cosy warm fabric to make a jacket for James.

More so, I am so enthusiastic about this mag that I even subscribed to it. The first copy to arrive at my doormat will be by the end of april, hurray!

More info about La Maison Victor can be found at Happy sewing to everyone!

Dear Spring...

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Dear Spring, 

How long it has been! When was the last time we saw each other? You are very much missed and most welcome. 

New life has come (a little boy who I've designed a birth announcement card for in colors I think you'd like), some flowers in the warm living room are popping up their little heads. 
James and I even made a spring themed collage with sunny yellow flowers and bright green leafs.

I'd very much like to invite you to our place and hope you'll be able to visite us any time soon (and stay for a while).

Best wishes,

The little chicken

Our son's daycare announched last week that they will celebrate carnaval (dutch dress up party, mainy celebrated in the south of The Netherlands) the following thursday and all children were expected to show up in costume.

My head instantly started to produce costume ideas, one after the other (so much fun!). Not all were doable within a week though and I turned to our attic to look for material to use. When I hit an old stork handpuppet I knew what to make... A little chicken costume! 

I turned to my sewing machine and transformed a white onesie, red tights and of course the stork, into a comfortable costume for our little one.

Cluck cluck cluck!

Illustration that didn't make it...

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Sometimes, although it is very rare, I make an illustration for a client that in the end doesn't make it to publication, or not in the original state.

Last november I was working on a commission for Natuurmonumenten and Oerrr! (a dutch foundation dedicated to nature. Oerrr! is the kids department). I made a variation of small illustrations that would be place on a spread in the Natuurmonumenten magazine). Unfortunately there were so many people involved in the lay out styling my design got downsized to only the illustration of the peice of bread with the stopwatch!

But, I still love the work I did and feel it deserves to be shown (I also added it to my portfolio in the original state).
Better luck next time!

Hiding for boomerangs

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And again... the flew got me. The third time in two months... is this the same flew boomeranging back to me or am I that unlucky to catch three different ones?
Anyway, what I want to say is this: I'll be hiding in bed untill it's over...

In the house...


Outside it's on and off: rain, snow, cold or a sudden ray of sunlight. Inside I'm working on sketches of people, reading about modernism and biographies.

How I love to read a good biography. It's so comforting to read about the up's and downs of someone else's life, to find out that it all had a purpose. Those things you thought to be disasters in fact lighted the road to your goals and meaning in life.

While James is playing and Seb is keeping him company, I'm taking pictures of our home, new views, different angles. It's nice to wander and create without purpose now and then (to find out in the end it did bring you somewhere you never expected, but that's still to be discovered...).

ps. I'm a bit worried about our delicate House Lime (Sparrmannia Africana or Kamerlinde in Dutch). He seems to been fine at the top but all leafs from the root up are starting to fall off. Anyone any tips?

Uppercase & me


Those of you who follow me on facebook probably have seen my Oh-My-God-Wow-Can't-Believe-It-I'm-So-Proud-post ...but I like to tell you here too that one of my illustrator dreams have come true: My work is featured in Uppercase Magazine!! 
I'm even mentioned as a contributor with a little 'this-is-me' text and picture.

I'm super happy, proud (like you didn't get that by the cry out above ;-) ) and very flattered I'm - for this first issue of 2015 - part of my fave magazine. Hurray!!

Big thanks to Janine, the always inspiring creator of this wonderful Magazine!
This issue by the way is not only about me of course but also about textile art and crafts and tattoos (interesting combo). Every single one has a unique piece of fabric on the cover (see the picture in the top left corner), how cool is that?
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