I discovered this cute webshop, Cocon. All the items in the shop from children's clothes to mobiles and textile kitchen ware, are handmade by stylist and designer Masami Akatsuke. I couldn't resist and bought myself a little fabric jade plant/ branch. Shipping was very quick and it came in such a cute package...

First and second photo by cocon.

Snail mail

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Oh dear, I absolutely love surprises in my mailbox! And this time I found a cute package by a certain lady whom I know as a lovely student and fellow blogger... Thanks P!
It's been quite a while since I embroidered (is that how you write this?) but this seems like the time to pick it up again!

This brings me to another item... I'm joining Ellen Vesters at her studio, this in preparation to Urlaub, it's so much easier when our desks are in the same room...
For the new address see here ;-)

Hello Etsy Eindhoven


Last saturday I was at Hello Etsy in Eindhoven in the workplace of Piet Hein Eek. I met Janine Vangool (the publisher of Uppercase Magazine). I think you can see in the picture how much I adore her for making such a beautiful magazine... ;-). You can meet with her in Amsterdam today at the American Book Center at the Spui from 17.00-19.00! And, you can still watch the inspiring speach she gave at Hello Etsy online here.

I was also in the successful shop panel with the lovely couple of Snowpuppe and Mitsy from Artmind. Simone Weimans interviewed us about our shops and work. You can watch the video here...

New porcelain china!


My new china series are as of today available in my Etsy shop! You can find tea bag holders, breakfast plates and mugs right here.
The inspiration came from the movie Moonrise Kingdom and the little fox you might have seen in my work before, has been restyled in scouts style.
I hope you like!

Circle scarf


A circle scarf I made some time ago...
I remember doing this when I was younger, in the eighties: creating a pattern on fabric by making stripes and dots with a swab dipped in bleach!


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Last weekend in Antwerp was amazing! Bakeliet, the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at was so stylish and cosy! It felt like we went back in time to the previous century (but with 21st century comfort). Everything was decorated with an eye for the smallest detail. Our friendly (and evenly stylish) hosts served a yummy breakfast with a fried egg on sunday (from one of their two chickens in the back yard).

On saturday evening we went to a modern ballet/ theater/ mixed media performance at deSingel, and together with great food (especially at Fez and ra13), love, nice weather and some shopping it was a peachy perfect weekend away!

Shelley pointed out to me (thanks!) that I am featured on the Uppercase blog, see it here.

Free friday - weekend away

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This weekend me an my love are off to a little palace in Antwerp...
Hope you enjoy the nice weather (in the Netherlands and Belgium spring has made a come back today) and see you monday!

Found treasure


I found this old children's book with russian folk stories at my boyfriend's home. He collects all sorts of vintage treasures... it's like a candy store!

Malika Favre


I recently discovered (at Pikaland) this wonderful illlustrator: Malika Favre. I'm very impressed by her way of using shapes and residual form. She illustrated the cover of the new Penguin Kama Sutra, and wow! have the poses ever looked that elegant!?

Also check out this cute short video at her website.

Last pieces SALE!

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The last pieces from the previous china series are on sale in the webshop!

Wanna try to print your own (vintage) china?... I'm teaching a short course/ workshop of 3 saturday afternoons in november on how to make your own illustrated china in Utrecht. Great to impress your loved ones with your own handmade holiday presents! For more information, go here.

Working on...


New China! Hope to have it in the shop within the next two weeks...

The webshop is open again!

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After a little break, my etsy webshop is open agian! I'll be listing more items here and there during this week.

Free friday

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I'm spending my last days off in a little town just above Amsterdam in my sweetheart's home... it's so lovely and quiet here. We had dinner in Amsterdam yesterday evening and I spotted this cute hand drawn 'please no bikes sign'. How can one not obey to a request made with that much care?

Nina Fuhrer


At the Woonbeurs, one of my neighbours was Nina Fuhrer. She had a cute stand with knitted accessories, like this foxy scarf I bought. I'm so happy with it! It's made of merino and kashmir wool and feels so cosy with that little fella around my neck.
At her website (and shop) you can find more cheeky designs, all made with a loving eye for detail and finish.

Big picture by Nina Fuhrer

Antwerp in love


Some of you attentive followers have noticed a change in my personal life... I'm in love with a new man (and he's in love with me too)! Because we couldn't spend that much time together because of me being busy with the Woonbeurs, we booked a weekend to Antwerp this month.
I found the most charming little bed and breakfast, Bakeliet, with a retro interior (complete with record player in the room and brilliantine for my boo's hair). We booked the 'Billy Holiday room' which comes with a vintage top bath. I am sooo looking forward to this!

The day after...


The day after the Woonbeurs (Interior Design Fair) I'm:
-enjoying a good sleep
-admiring a postcard-gift by Lieke of Liekeland (a young illustrator, graduating this year. Can you believe her amazing style!?)
-being proud of the succes of our Urlaub shop (in the picture: Femke Veltkamp of Windstilte, who  sold many beautiful textile products at our shop and the fun girl (forgot her name, sorry!) from Peanuts and Cherry and Ellen Vesters in the background).
-finding a spot in the house for my newest 'treasure' I made in a workshop at humade.

101 Woonideeen Magazine also wrote a blogpost about Urlaub!!

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