The Merry Lino Print Giveaway Winner!

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Hurray! Mus, if you send me an e-mail with your address, I'll send the linocut print giveaway to you right away!

Thanks for joining!

Christmas Design Shopping at the NDSM in Amsterdam

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Have you seen the pretty designs by Jeroen van Leur I posted a few days ago? Well, for those of you who live nearby, upcoming thursday there's a great christmas shopping evening event at the NSDM studio in Amsterdam, where Jeroen and other fab designers will sell their products with special christmas discounts!

For more info see the KOOPAVOND facebook page.

A very merry linocut print giveaway


At the last minute I've made a lino print of this merry reindeer for the holiday wishes I'll be sending out this year. Technically it's not a lino print by the way... I've used a sort of rubbery block instead of lino, much softer and easier to cut! You must make it as easy and fun as possible right?

I'm having them printed digitally on greeting cards and fingers crossed they will be delivered on time to send out to clients, family and friends!

Would you like to win the original print? Leave a merry message below and I'll pick a random winner tuesday 16th.

this giveaway is already given away, you cannot enter anymore.

Jeroen van Leur

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As an addition to my own work (like I'm not busy enough already... ;-) I'm now also assisting product designer Jeroen van Leur. I'm mainly helping him with marketing and the everyday things that come with running a creative business: bookkeeping, talking to clients, advice and selling products.
Which is easy because Jeroen makes the most wonderful inspiring products. It's great to see how a creative from another discipline works and how products are developed (there are some amazing woodworking tools in the studio and cute little miniature furniture models).

In the pictures above a few of the products that are available in Jeroen's webshop. My absolute favorite is the clever Woodstock Wardrobe, a clothes rack that is assembled into a tent poles inspired frame that elegantly leans against your wall.

For more of his work (like candle B-light, a perfect holiday gift), see or the webshop.

A modest wishlist for the holidays

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As I'm getting older I notice I have less and less to wish for for the holidays and my birthday in January. (Except for functional stuff like printers and a laptop...). Maybe I'm just satisfied with my life or maybe so much of  my wishes were fulfilled over the years that there's not much left? Or, and this is most likely, I'm a bit done with owning things, it's just taking space and time.

But, I still do have a few small things on my list (ok and maybe a few more than just the 6 items above, but let's start with those):

1. the beautiful 'wants brooche' by Geertje Aalders
2. these fabulous leggings by Simkasol
3. 'Allemaal Mensen', book by Blexbolex
4. this cute handknitted cardigan for James by Sophie Orchera Knitware
5. a fine gold (wedding? M?) ring by maryjohn
6. organic sencha tea by Simon Levelt, works wonders on cold days ;-)

Illustration course: illustrative poetry

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The last few weeks my students of the illustration and digital course (analoge en digitale illustratie cursus) have been focussing on beeldrijm (I'm not sure how to translate this but it is something like 'image poetry', does anyone know the correct word for this in english?).
The assignment was to make a A5 size illustration on the topic 'the staycation: the vacation feel without leaving home'. Quite a tricky assignment (beeldrijm is a specific chapter in illustration) and therefor I'm even more proud of what they made!

The illustrations are made by Anne, Elise, Karin, Pascale, Mieke, Willy, Anna and Maruga.

James' portrait by Marjoke van der Zouw

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It's quite rare that I post photos of my son here on my blog (I'm not too fond of pictures of my little one going all over the internet) but I could not resist to show you this one.

It was taken by Marjoke van der Zouw, whom I've know since we were 13(!). She is now (among other things) a talented photographer and makes the most beautiful portraits of people (including children, weddings, travel scenery, etc).
Somehow she takes perfect shots in the most normal daily environment (this photo was taken on the sofa at her home while having lunch) and sees perspective and lighting were I just see a living room.

For more of her work, see her website at

The happy makers blog

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Those of you who have been at flavourites last weekend might have seen that Monique van der Vlist (the art director of 101-Woonideeen magazine) was there with the fab paper studio (papier atelier) and her new blog, or actualy new platform:

Creativity, illustrations and handmade products are in the spotlights at the happy makers blog and Monique's first action was the fabulous paper studio (Papier Atelier) at Flavourites. It's quite obvious that this talented lady has some grounded experience with interior design and decoration cause it looked goooooood!

I was so busy with admiring and workshopping that I totally forgot to take pictures... so the photo's are by (Wimke, I hope you don't mind me featuring them. If you do, please let me know!)

Check out the for more info, beautiful pictures and great ideas!

Calligraphy workshop on skillshare

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After my first attempt with calligraphy I reckoned I could do with some basic skills and professional guidance...
I found a great workshop by Bryn of Paperfinger at In the first 30 minutes I already learned heaps of things I never knew. Like how far you should dip the pen into the ink, how to get those thick and thin lines using a pointed nib and how to hold the pen. I thought as an illustrator I would know how to hold a pen but apparently there's still lots of things to learn... Hurray!

The workshop comes with downloadable worksheets that really help to practice good letter shapes.
You can find the calligraphy workshop video here.

Gift wrap workshop at the paper studio at Flavorites Live!

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The holidays are coming and with that lots of yummy gifts and presents. What better way to prepair yourself by following a gift wrap workshop?
I was asked (and feel very flattered) to teach two workshops at the Paper Studio at Flavourites Live upcoming friday. Of course there are also other great paper workshops as well during the whole weekend (friday, saturday and sunday) and then I'm not even talking about all the fun, amazing and wonderful goodies you can buy at Flavourites Live!

The paper studio (Papier Atelier in dutch) is organised by the talented and super creative Vlinspiratie, for more info see her website at

In my gift wrap workshop I'll be focussing on transforming your gift into fun little caracters...
The first workshop is at 15.30 h, the second at 16.00 h.
Hope to see you on friday! 

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