Etsy & Mother's day

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The 10th of may is mother's day (in the Netherlands), the perfect day to celebrate your fave woman (although I believe every day is a good day to show your mom some appreciation).
With the help of Etsy you can to do something special this mother's day: post a quote that your mother uses (or is specific for her) on a social media with #elkedagmoederdag and you might win a custom made gift by one of the participating Etsy seller with your quote on it for you mom!

And, you might have seen this one coming... I am one of the sellers that will make the winner a custom gift ;-)

For more info see the dutch Etsy blog.

A peak into my sketchbook

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Although I'm not a frequent sketcher (apart from sketching for commissions) I do enjoy working in my sketchbook now and then. In this book I try not to be judgemenal about 'good' or 'bad' work but just 'make'. To be frank... I find this hard,  not looking at work with a critical voice but even so, I enjoyed making these drawings, paintings and collages above!

The third spread, by the way, is what I see from my studio window (or a free translation of it): the house of our neighbors, an 80+ couple who got married two years ago. Isn't it great to still find love at that age?

New Instant Comfort Pocket Box - Dove

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A new Instant Comfort Pocket Box with a pretty dove is available in the shop!
I've designed it with a wedding theme in mind (perfect to give to a bride, your bridesmaids, guests,...) but of course it will also do it's magic in any other occasion!

You can find it in the Comfort Box section at

Working on...

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Today I've been working on an illustration for OneWorld Magazine.
Above some sketches in black ink and a small detail of the finished illustation.

A movie and an alphabet

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In case you missed it... I made a little movie for the Flow blog about my current alphabet collaboration with The Machinery----> Click HERE to see the video

Ladybugs for The Machinery

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Maybe it's spring, maybe it's just me but ladybugs are all over the place where I am. There is a Flow Weekly Naturefact from my hand coming up in week 16 that involves something with dotted wings but I also designed twee bugs for The Machinery.

Marc has lasercut my drawings out of a variaty of pretty papers and wood, we even have them cut out of suede paper!
What we're going to do with all these little bugs? They will be goodiebaggoodies for Papier Atelier by Monique van der Vlist of Happy Makers Blog who will be at the Seinfestijn april 19th in Haarlem!

Happy Easter!

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Gys in Utrecht

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Utrecht... I lived there for almost 10 years and still miss the city- that feels like a village- now and then. This weekend James had a little sleepover at his grandparents so M and I could have a (well deserved and much needed I can say) day out in Utrecht (and a long sleep in the next morning). 

We did some shopping, saw a movie and to top it of, we had dinner at Gys. Located at the Voorstraat (oh the Voorstraat, the street I once called -a noisy- home... But that's another story) the lovely people at Gys serve organic food for friendly prices (we payed only €45,- for a two course diner with drinks, including tip!). 

And boy was it gooooood! M had a lamb burger and I gado gado with bulgur, and both a yummy thai soup. It was all well prepaired, quick and very tasty.
The menu includes dishes for all tasts and serves both meat and vegetarian, vegan or even gluten free lovers.

You get the point: I totally recommend this place! 


(Photos from the Gys website, except the third one...Sorry for the blurry photo...I only had my phone with me)

The New XL Instant Comfort Pocket Box

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For a while now, as you know, I'm selling The Instant Comfort Pocket Box, a little treasure to lift your mood. I've been brooding on an XL version and can tell you that I've just added a new and extra big comfort box to the shop!
It holds a 3D illustrated image of an Amsterdam house with bright colorful flowers.
And, as an extra feature to this new creation, you can customize it with your own text!
For bigger and better cheering, hurray!

You can find the XL Instant Comfort Pocket Box in my Etsy Shop, Kim's Little Monsters.

Working on cards

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I got a very fun commission from brooklyn based company Enormous Champion. The task? To design 6 cards for various occasions.

These are some details - sorry, cannot show you the whole design as this is of course top secret ;-) - of the sketches and ideas I made so far. I hope the folks at Enormous Champion will like!
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