Till 2012!


   My plan for the new year is (no, not to plan a family, although this picture
   can be a bit deceiving...) to focus more on 'real' illustration. Last year has been
   a 'product-year' and even though I enjoyed that very much, I'd like to go back to
   illustrating more again. This is a start... a close up of an illustration I'm making on
   a text about 'the new marriage' where parents are more like 'comrades', taking care
   of the kids together, equal.

   I planned a little trip to Berlin and will be back blogging on januari 9th 2012. 
   (The shop will be closed too till the 9th of januari.) 
   Happy New Year Everyone!!!



   I'm working on a birth announcement card for friends who're expecting a baby in
   spring. The funny thing is that their names are (for real!)... Adam and Eva.
   I'm very curious what the baby's name will be...

   The new newsletter is comming up (januari 1st) and I can tell you, it's gonna be
   interesting and might help you find your spark...So if you've not subscribed already...
   get to it! (at the subscription-link on the right)

Christmas impressions


   Spend a wonderful christmas with family and friends... Nice food, lots of lights and
   a new little family member in the making (in my sisters belly)... ;-)

   (The christmas card is made by Ellen Vesters, one of my students in the advanced
   illustration course.)

winter light

   One of the inkwashes I'm doing for an assignment about light and shadow.
   Now I'm off to a little pre-christmas drink, hope you all have a lovely christmas!

tales from Zeeland

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   New illustration in the Zeeland series with a bit more of a 'fairytale-feel' to it.

shape shifters

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   Some shapes I've been playing with...
   Made a big version of this snowflake yesterday as window decoration, it's easier
   than you might think!


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   Winter is wet (with little moments of blue sky) and cold here (were's the snow?)...
   I am working on the new newsletter (comming out on the 1st of januari), getting
   things ready for christmas and something for 101 woonideeen (a dutch interior
   design magazine)...

New in the family

   Even though I've been a bit 'under the weather' and have been hanging on the couch
   under my duvet, drinking loads of tea most of this week, I still managed to add two
   new instant comfort pocket boxes to the family. You can find them here.

   Have a lovely weekend everyone!



   Making patterns today... I didn't plan on making it christmassy but I guess that's
   what's on my mind ;-)


   The portrait of my grandmother is finished... I made a big and a small one.

ready + winner


   Two things ready:
   + my house for christmas
   + my new website

   Oh and I also picked a winner of the give away... I used a random number picker (it
   picked number 21) and I counted down to that specific comment, which is...   
   themonstersflashlight!  Congratulations, please email me your address so I can
   send the package to you!


   This is a portrait (in the making) of my grandmother when she was young.
   Her name was Maria but everyone called her Riet. She passed away almost
   a year ago and I miss her... While drawing and painting her portrait I realise
   how much I (and my mother) look like her. I wish I had know her back then,
   when she was my age.

Pet poster


   Assignment for the past two lessons of the wednesday illustration class was:
   make a pet poster (like the one I did of Seb) with a 'blob of paint' and
   black fineliner or ink and to combine the drawing with style-matching fonts.
   I love what everyone came up with and created!

Hurrray a give away!

   I figured with christmas comming up, it would be nice to play santa myself...
   So... here a give away that could come in handy with the holidays!  Just add
   a comment with why you need this give away and I'll randomly pick a winner
   at the 12th of december. Good luck!

  ps: just so you know, I'm redoing my website. I accidently deleted some
        important file (aarghhh!) and thought this was a good moment to vamp it
        up a bit anyway. So for now it's not quite there yet, but I'm working on it!


   Working on some new illustrations, inspired by my trip to Domburg in Zeeland (small
   town and county in the south of Holland). Domburg was one of the first real sea
   bathing places for the rich and in the beginning of the 20th century popular with
   painters and artists because of the beautiful skies and light.

Golden oldies for christmas!

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   A 'come back' in my shop of some popular golden oldies, specially for
   the holidays! Porcelain china of the 'fox series' and... some of the
   illustrations on the china are for sale as 3D chrochet items!

Organic shapes

   Today I explored organic shapes. If feel very relaxed doing these assignments,
   no stress at all, which is nice for a change. 'Fun' is in my house again!
   I made myself a little scedule on what to do every day. For example, tuesday
   and friday morning is 'Etsy time', monday and thursday is free illustration and
   portfolio time. I'm a bit of a nerd this way but like everything to be clear and
   it's sort of comforting to know what to expect (oops, does that sound a little
   autistic!?) ;-)
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