Five questions to... Ashkan Honarvar

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   Ashkan Honarvar is an illustrator from the Netherlands who, after a career with lots
   of commisioned work now focuses mainly on his own wonderful projects. His
   work almost has as certain creepy beauty to it that is very facinating to me as it
   is so different from my own style and therefore even more inspiring. Apart
   from all that, I can tell you that he's also a very nice and lovely person, even
   more reason to ask him these five questions:

   You seem to specialize in collages, how and when was the first time you 
   discovered that this is the medium for you? 
   I remember when I was 15 years old I saw an old collage in a history book from 
   John Heartfield. He made lots of anti Hitler collages for the magazine he worked 
   for during the war.

   What do you do to get inspired and do you have specific topics you feel 

   drawn to? 
   The human body plays a big role in my work. I’m really fascinated by it’s 
   flexibility to bend and to reflect. I’m always searching through books and other 
   printed mediums for new and original collage material. I always use original 
   materials for my work, never using images from the Internet. That way the chance 
   someone else uses the image gets smaller.

   What is your ideal as far as your work goes, anything you'd still like to 

   achieve or do?
   Been able to go on with art until I’m dead and never get bored of it.

   What is you biggest fear? 

   Not having a freedom of speech.

   What is, according to you, the best way to get your work out there? 

   Never stop believing in your self and don’t take no for an answer. 

   Thank you Ashkan for your time!
   For more of his illustrations and collages:

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