I'd like to share a personal story with you... Once upon a time I was is a not so
   nice relationship (I won't go into details but believe me, it was a bit traumatizing).
   When I brooke up I hoped to finally leave everything behind but... I couldn't
   get it out of my mind.
   I wouldn't be me if I wasn't looking for a (creative) solution so... I created a little
   farewell-ritual and an envelope/ bag with:

   + a letter in which I wrote down every frustration I had about the whole thing
   + a gift that I once got from the ex
   + a paper handkerchief with tears.

   I went to the nearest canal, said goodbye,  dropped the envelope in the water
   (don't worry, there was nothing in there that could harm the environment)
   and looked at how everything just drifted away from me.

   Because I think more people could need this sort of thing, I'm now developing
   a farewell-kit for anyone out there who needs to get rid of things from the past.
   I can't show you so much right now, but I promess it'll be in my Etsy shop as
   soon as possible...


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